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Click on this link for details of the current top 100 players in the world
28 July 2022

A 7 year old boy competing at an event in Moscow was playing against a chess robot - which, instead of picking up a piece, took hold of his opponent's finger and broke it !  Further details can be seen via this link ...   

The table below (courtesy of "") shows the "live" FIDE ratings of the World's top 10 players  (ie: The ratings will change after every game played).


Click anywhere on the list for further information on the "" website.

FIDE ratings - June 2024


The British players in the World top 100 ranki5gs

54    David Howell                        ENG          2675

57    Michael Adams                    ENG           2670


The 3Cs' players in the English top 100 rankings

11   Gordon,  Stephen                 ENG          2506

40   Horton, Andy                         ENG          2374

84   Ashton, Adam                        ENG          2282


The main FIDE website can be seen via this link ...



The full list of all players' FIDE ratings are available via the following link ...

8 February 2022

Esports (ie Games played on a computer) are to be included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games as a demonstration event - yet chess has always been refused recognition as a sport by the Sports Council of Great Britain as they consider it not to be a physical activity.  Click the link below ....


10 March 2022

The link below is to an item on the BBC news website regarding the growth in popularity of chess among young people in India and features R Praggnanandhaa who is now 16 but when aged 10 became the youngest ever International Master and has recently become the third Indian player to defeat current world champion Magnus Carlsen.
19 May 2022

The Eastern Euopean country of Georgia had made chess lessons compulsory in schools. For more information click on the following link ... 

1 July 2021


Abhimanyu (“Abhi”) Mishra from Englishtown, New Jersey, USA has become the youngest Grandmaster in history, breaking the record formerly held by Russian GM Sergey Karjakin.  Click on this link for more details

7 January 2021


Chess on TV .... The "Eurosport 1" channel has begun its coverage of chess by showing action from the recent Skilling Open and is also planning to show other events during the coming year.  Furthermore it has also started a chess news programme to be shown regularly.  Eurosport 1 is available on Sky channel 410.


Details via these links  

18 December 2023

8 year old British prodigy Bodhana Sivanandan  won the Best Woman prize at the European Blitz Championships after having, in October, become England's first world youth champion for 25 years.

More details of Bodhana can be seen via this link 

8 October 2020


You may have noticed that a joint recipient of the 2020 Noble prize for Physics, 89-year-old Sir Roger Penrose shares his surname with former British Champion Jonathan Penrose - not surprising as they are brothers.


Those who are old enough will remember Jonathan Penrose as the nigh irremovable British Chess Champion, winning the title 10 times between 1958 and 1969.


The Nobel Prize was for demonstrating mathematically that the existence of black holes (in space, not on the chessboard) is implied by the General Theory of Relativity.  Roger Penrose appears not to have played much chess, but Jonathan Penrose and another brother, Oliver, both played from an early age.  In the 1945-46 London Boys’ Championship, Oliver came 3rd in Section A, while Jonathan finished 3rd in Section B.


They also had a younger sister, Shirley Victoria, and all four are prominent in their chosen fields of mathematical or theoretical physics, genetics or psychology.  Their father, Lionel Sharples Penrose was a geneticist and psychiatrist, and also a composer of chess problems - one of which is shown on our "Puzzle Board" page.

In December 2021 Alizeza Firouzja (originally from Iran but now representing France) achieved a rating of 2804 and which has therefore caused former World Champion Bobby Fischer to drop out of the top 20 - a place he has held since gaining his then world record rating of 2789 fifty years ago in 1972.

16 December 2019


OK, we all know that Magnus Carlsen is currently the leader at chess .... but it appears he is also at the top of another game - Fantasy Football.


In the latest tables for the official Premier League Fantasy Football League the current World Chess Champion is top of the list.  For more details click onto both of the following links ....

Many of the world's top players in Paris, looking as though they've invented a new defensive move ..... The French Resistance !!!


23 December 2019


The FIDE World Grand Prix - comprising of four events during the year in Moscow, Riga, Hamburg and Jerusalem - has concluded with Russian pair Alexander Grischuk and Ian Nepomniachtchi qualifying for the World Championship Candidates tournament in March 2020.


In that event they will join Fabiano Caruana (USA), Teimour Radjabov (AZE), Ding Liren (CHN), Wang Hao (CHN), Anish Giri (NED) and Kirill Alekseenko (RUS) to compete for the right to face Magnus Carlsen in the World Championship decider later in the year.

8 December 2019


Ding Liren of China became the Grand Chess Tour Champion for the first time, triumphing over Maxime Vachier-Lagrave at the London Chess Classic to clinch the title 15-5 and take the winner’s prize of $150,000.

20 September 2019


The website of FIDE, the governing body of world chess, has had a makeover in order to provide a more easy-to-navigate product.  Access the website's home page via this link ...


12 June 2019


FIDE, the governing body of world chess, have signed a co-operation agreement with leading soft drinks company Coca-Cola.


  Coca-Cola Chess ...... 3Cs - it's the real thing !

The list below (courtesy of "") shows the players with the highest-ever FIDE ratings

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