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British Chess Championship
The 2024 British Chess Championships are to take place in Hull - where they were also played in 2018 - from Thursday 25 July to Sunday 4 August.

A variety of competitions will be staged for players of all ages and ability, with further details available via the link below ...
Click this link for a history of the British Chess Championships including a list of the winners..
3 March 2024

217 players entered the 2024 British Rapidplay Championships including a trio from 3Cs.  Adam Ashton scored 7.5/11 to finish equal 16th while Alan Walton - starting as 66th seed - put in a fine display to gain equal 26th spot with 7 points and Kyle Pelling also gained several places in scoring 5.5 to end equal 92nd.

Grandmaster Danny Gormally won the title by scoring 9/11 while details of the tournament can be seen via the link below ..
3 December 2023

International Master Andy Horton (pictured on right) is the latest 3Cs' player to win a national title by becoming the 2023 English Blitz Champion. Although finishing as runner-up in the British Blitz Championships, the winner of the competition was from abroad and with Andy being the highest English player.

Details of the tournament can be seen via the following link ...
Andy Horton.jpg
Photograph courtesy of Dennis Dicen
30 July 2023

Michael Adams confirmed his position as the country's top player by winning the 2023 British Championship, hence lifting the trophy for the 8th time and therefore now being just two away from the record 10 victories by Jonathan Penrose.

Women's International Master Lan Yao won the women's championship, doing so for the first time.
4 September 2022


The 15-round regional qualifiers for the UK Blitz Championships took place this weekend and while 3Cs' Joao Rita and Kyle Pelling played in the North-West event, two other players from the club who were down south, Jamie Horton and Mitchell Burke, competed in the London tournament.

"Up North" Kyle finished on 8 points and in 9th position (out of 21) although Joao had to withdraw when on 3 points from the opening 6 rounds.  143 players were in the London qualifier with Jamie scoring 10.5 for an =6th position finish while Mitchell was just one point behind on 9.5 to end as =17th.

Click on the following links for more details of both competitions ....

2023 Alannah.jpg
Photograph courtesy of Adrian Elwin
30 July 2023

Alannah Ashton won her second British Championship trophy with success in the 2023 Girls' under-12s event at Leicester while Hunain Malik also performed well at the Championships, finishing 8th out of 48 entrants in the under-14s' tournament.

Alannah had earlier taken part in the u-2000 rated weekend competition, with her mother Crystal being in the open section and while father Adam, along with Edward Jackson, competed in in the main British Championship even

Progress of the 3Cs' players can be seen via the following links ..
14 August 2022

The 2022 British Championships were played at the Riviera Centre, Torquay.  As well as the main event for the British title there are also be several competitions for players of all ages and ability.

3Cs' Edward Jackson finished runner-up in the under-16s' championship, scoring 5.5/7 and just 0.5 point behind the winner while Alannah Ashton scored 3.5/7 in the under-12s' event although had to withdraw from 3 rounds due to illness.

Edward also competed in rapidplay and blitz events, finishing in sixth position (out of 57) in the rapid competition with a score of 5/7 and just 0.5 behind the winners (five players shared top spot with 5.5 points), while he ended with 6.5/9 in the blitz event and in equal fourth position (out of 108).

Furthermore, both 3Cs' players took part in 5-round standard play competitions; Ed in the open section in which he once more finished 4th (out of 103) on 4/5 points - and again just 0.5 behind the three players who tied at the top - with Alannah scoring 3/5 and in 12th position (out of 56) in the under-1451 rated event.

News from the Championships plus the results can be found vioa the following links ...

4 October 2021


Edward Jackson finished in 4th position in the British under-16s' championship with a score of 3 out of 5 - thus earning him the award for the best performance in the event in realtion to his ECF rating.  Alannah Ashton scored 3 / 7 in the under-10s' tournament.


Further details can be found via the following links ...

15 May 2020


3Cs' Andy Horton finished as runner-up in the English online blitz championships, losing to Marcus Harvey in the final but only after an excellent semi-final victory against Grandmaster Gawain Jones.


Sarah Longson also qualifed for the finals of the women's event but lost in the round of the last 16.

24 November 2019

Grandmaster Stephen Gordon added another British Championship to the 3Cs' Honours Board by finishing joint first at the 2019 British Rapidplay event. Stephen scored 8.5/11 to tie for first place with IM David Eggleston while 3Cs' other entrant in the main tournament, Mitchell Burke, claimed the u-190 grading prize by scoring 6 points.


In round 2 Mitchell was paired with Bernard Hare of Leeds - which produced the "gruesome" combination of "Burke and Hare" !!!


In the Minor section Rebecca Correa ended on 5 points while both Lucas Chan and Ethan Gardiner achieved junior norms by scoring 3 and 3.5 points respectively in the u-11s' England qualifying event.


4 August 2019


3Cs at the 2019 British Championship


Grandmaster Stephen Gordon finished 5th in the 2019 British Championships, scoring 6 points out of 9 while  Fide Master Adam Ashton ended on 5 points having achieved a win and two draws during the competition against Grandmasters.


Allanah Ashton will be having her name added to the 3Cs' Roll of Honour at the club after winning the Girls' under-8s' British Championships at Torquay.


Everson Correa finished as runner-up in the under-100 section while Mitchell Burke was also among the prizes by achieving fourth place (out of 75) in the blitz event.


The photographs below show Stephen and Adam in action during the main British Championship event (Adam playing Mickey Adams, the eventual winner) as well as Alannah with her under-8s' trophy; Everson receiving his award from event organiser Kevin Staveley, and Mitchell playing in the blitz tournament against Grandmaster Keith Arkell who went on to win the competition.


Click on an individual photograph for a larger version.


A "live" chess game at the 2018 British Championships in Hull with people being used as the various pieces on the board.

 2007 British Championships -  Gt.Yarmouth

3Cs' Stephen Gordon (right) was runner-up in the main event but won the awards as both English Champion and the British under-21's Champion, the latter of which he won in four consecutive years from 2005 - 2008.

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