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31 August 2023

Hamayl Hussain was the winner of the latest 3Cs' junior competition, which took the form of a buzzer event in which players had to make  a move immediately a buzzer sounded every five seconds.

Elody Martiniere also won an award for being top of those in school years 1, 2 and 3.
3 August 2023

Maeve Martiniere won the 3Cs' junior tournament with Kingsley Au as runner-up.

3Cs will be organising regular internal events for their junior players throughout the 2023-24 season.
2023 Aug 3 Maeve.JPG
28 January 2023

51 young players entered the latest 3Cs' junior congress which was also used as trials for the Oldham Schools' town teams.

Photographs from the event are shown and which can be enlarged by clicking on any individual image, while the list of entrants and results can be downloaded via the link below.

The benefits of attending the weekly 3Cs' club nights can be seen by the fact that four of the five trophy winners are 3Cs' members ... a clean sweep was narrowly missed due to a club player being runner-up, but only on countback after having finished on equal points with the winner.
22 December 2022

34 players took part in the first "David Monaghan Memorial Christmas Blitz" with Edward Jackson becoming the first winner of the trophy while Abdul Qadeer won the award as  best junior.

Other awards were also given to some "more experienced" entrants, although many were probably more interested in the feast provided for the club's annual Christmas party, which used to be organised each year by Dave Monaghan before he sadly passed away in January 2021.

The photographs show club members at both rest and play during the evening. (Click on any photo for a larger image).

ps:  The pizzas ordered for the event were the same kind enjoyed by Good King Wenceslas on the Feast of Stephen ...
Deep Pan, Crisp and Even !
2022 Monaghan Trophy.jpg
Edward Jackson (left) is pictured receiving his award from 3Cs' head coach Phil Adams as the first winner of the David Monaghan Memorial Trophy after his success in the club blitz competition.

The blitz event is now to become an annual tournament at 3Cs in memory of one of the club's long-serving players and officials who was involved with 3Cs since its early days.
3Cs 11-8-22 (1)

3Cs 11-8-22 (1)

3Cs 11-8-22 (2)

3Cs 11-8-22 (2)

3Cs 11-8-22 (3)

3Cs 11-8-22 (3)

3Cs 11-8-22 (4)

3Cs 11-8-22 (4)

3Cs 11-8-22 (5)

3Cs 11-8-22 (5)

3Cs 11-8-22 (6)

3Cs 11-8-22 (6)

3Cs 11-8-22 (7)

3Cs 11-8-22 (7)

3Cs 11-8-22 (8)

3Cs 11-8-22 (8)

28 May 2022

44 young players competed in the 3Cs' Junior Congress which was generally aimed at providing new players with their first chance of taking part in a competition. Players who already attend 3Cs were joined by many who receive chess lessons at school via the efforts of two 3Cs' coaches, Dale James and Paul Keech.

Every player at the event went home with a prize, the main ones of which were awarded to the five winners of the various age-groups who can be seen in the photographs from the event on the right.

An indication of how attending 3Cs can improve the chess skills of youngsters was shown by 4 of the 5 main winners being players who already attend the weekly 3Cs' coaching sessions - the other (Gleb Shut) having just recently arrived in Britain from Ukraine. 

The winners of the age-group awards were (l to r) Hafsa Riaz, Ibrahim Riaz, Thomas Kearns, Oliver Shijaku and Gleb Shut.

(Click on any photograph to see a larger image)

Download a full list of the results via this link ...
11 August 2022

A blitz competition took place for everyone who attended 3Cs' club nights - yes, this time even the parents had to prove if they had been listening to the coaching their youngsters get every week !

The 6-round event produced a few parent versus child encounters but while Karl Moorcroft finished as the person with most points, he was just a few years (!!!) over the age limit for being allowed to win a prize, which were for juniors only and were presented to the winners by 3Cs' own Grandmaster Stephen Gordon.

(Click on any photograph for a larger image)

23 December 2021

The 2021 3Cs' Christmas Blitz attracted 14 players and was won by Andy Horton who scored 6/6 with Edward Jackson being runner-up on 5 points while Nathan Gittens and Daniel McGlashan tied for third, each scoring 4.

8 July 2021




3Cs' International Master Andy Horton played 14 members in a simultaneous challenge, finishing with 13 wins and one draw. The player who prevented Andy from gaining a full sweep was England junior international Edward Jackson while he and his dad Neil were the last two to finish,


Click on any of the photographs below for larger images of the event.

29 December 2020


24 players took part in the 3Cs' online Christmas blitz competition with IM Andy Horton winning the event scoring 6 out of 7 and followed by Rob McLean and Mitchell Burke each on 5.5.


Full details of the tournament can be seen via the following link  ...

11 January 2020


An Oldham Primary Schools' congress at 3Cs attracted 36 entrants and acted as a trial for places on the Oldham junior schools' teams later in the year.


3Cs' players dominated the event with Hunain Malik winning the under-11s' section followed by Ben Newton as runner-up and Ollie Mills third. The under-9s' competition was won by Alannah Ashton with Fateh Muhammed and Savannah Ashton as joint second.


Photographs of the event are shown below (Click on any photo for a larger image).

A junior club tournament was played on 22 August 2019 with the following results ...


Mohammed Benhamida        7

Aisha Benhamida                    6

Alicia Custy                             5.5

Hunain Malik                          4.5

Tim Ye                                       3

Akil Balakrishnan                  2.5

Ollie Mills                                  1

Jude Benhamida                   0.5

3Cs' now have online chess clubs on both "" and "" which can be accessed via the links below,

As well as being able to play individual matches there is also the opportunity to test yourself with puzzles and games against the computer at various levels.


There are currently 84 members in the 3Cs' club and 50 with

The results from the junior club competition on 11 July 2018 are as follows ...


Damian Johnson       4

Edward Correa          3

Zayeem Alam            3

Nahian Ahmed          3

Leo Booth                  3

Ollie Mills                  2

Alexander Murray     1


The winner of the competition, Damian, is pictured on the right

Damian Johnson

20 December 2018 - Christmas Blitz


Below can be seen some photos as the 3Cs' juniors - together with some adults hoping to avoid too much embarrassment - took part in a pre-Christmas blitz event, with refreshments also provided by the club.


Joint winners of the tournament were Rebecca Correa and Edward Jackson, shown in the main photograph below


Click on the other photos below to enlarge.


The final scoreboard for the 2018 Christmas Blitz was as follows (only junior shown to spare the adults' blushes) ...


4 ... Rebecca Correa,  Edward Jackson

3 ... Adam Booth,  Lucas Chan,  Tim Ye

2 ... Akil Balakrishnan,  Edward Correa,  Ollie Mills

1 ... Alannah Ashton,  Jack Gladwin

2 December 2017


3Cs hosted a rapidplay event for all their junior members following which certifcates and hoodies were presented to all those who regularly attend the club's main training sessions.


The hoodies were due to the efforts of Rachel Newton, one of the club's many parents who work behind the scenes, whilst they also unveiled the new 3Cs' club logo, itself designed by one of our young players Ben Newton (third from left, front row) who had won a competition to produce the new badge which includes the King chess piece; an owl - the emblem of Oldham - and three letter Cs.

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