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Miners Arts and Music Community Centre, Moston, Manchester.

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Club Officials


Secretary:  Stephen Rigby    e-mail:


Manchester League 1st team Captain:  Phil Adams  e-mail:


Manchester League 2nd team Captain:  Phil Adams  e-mail:


Manchester League 3rd team Captain:  Phil Adams  e-mail:


Manchester League 4th team Captain:  Jonathan Miller   e-mail:


Manchester League 5th team Captain:  John Walton  e-mail:


Manchester League 6th team Captain:  John Walton  e-mail:



4NCL Secretary:  John Walton   e-mail:


4NCL 1st team Captain:  Alan Walton  e-mail:


4NCL 2nd team Captain:  Phil Adams   e-mail:


Junior 4NCL Captain:  Crystal Ashton   e-mail:


Online Organisers:   "chess,com"  - Neil Jackson  e-mail:

                                 "" - Alan Walton   e-mail:


Webmaster:  Alan Burke    e-mail:


3Cs' coaching staff     (At 3Cs' club and in local schools)


Phil Adams,   Steve Rigby,   Dale James,   Crystal Ashton,  Tony Ashton,   John Walton,   Adam Ashton,   Vic Pelling,

Karl Moorcroft,  Sarah Longson,  Alex Longson.

Pictured is 3Cs' John Walton (left) receiving the Manchester Chess Federation's Division E championship trophy from league president Keith Johnston after the club's 5th team won the divisional title in 2015.

2015 Division E Champions
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