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ECF Ratings...

The English Chess Federation issue a players' rating list every month.  However, due to league competitions taking place over several months, the ratings used to establish a player's standard for the entire competition are geneally those issued in July, just prior to the commencment of the season.


For other events (ie weekend congresses) the organisers usually specify which month's ratings are to be used for seeding and match pairing purposes.

11 September 2020


The English Chess Federation have now revised their grading system so that a player's grade will now be shown as a four-figure number.  Furthermore the list wil be updated every month.


However, although such frequent changes will give a more accurate assessment of a player's current standing for when competing as an individual in congresses, most local leagues will probably maintain the current format of teams being selected throughout the season on the bassis of their players' grades at the start of that particular competition (ie: the July grades prior to the start of the season).


The latest monthly list can be seen via this link ...


Follow the procedure below to access a  player's individual record...

1 Click on the "Monthy Grades" link above

1 Click on "Players" (top left)

2 Type a surname in the search box and then click "Go".

3 Click on their "ECF Code" (far left) to show their individual details.

4 Click on "Games" (top right) to show their playing record.

5 Click on arrow under "2020-21" to show a drop-down box of seasons

6 Click on "All seasons" for a full list of their games since 2002

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Follow the next procedure to show a full list of players at an individual club ...


1 Click on the "Monthly Grades" link above

2 Click on "Clubs" (top left)

3 Type the name of the club in the search box and then click "Go".

3Cs have three players in the top 100 on the March 2023 ECF grading list  ...


13th       Stephen Gordon       2538

33rd       Andy Horton              2452

67th       Adam Ashton             2371

3Cs have four players in the top 100 on the March 2023 ECF rapidplay list ...


  9th       Stephen Gordon      2530

12th       Andy Horton             2496

24th       Adam Ashton            2390

34th       Phil Adams                2320

ECF ratings for 3Cs' players as per the list issued in August 2022.


These ratings will be used by the Manchester League to detemine board order for matches throughout the 2022-23 season.

(NB This list just includes those players with a Standard Play rating).


                                      Standard    (Rapid)


Stephen Gordon                 2538      (2530)

Andy Horton                       2468      (2496)

Adam Ashton                      2420      (2390)

Alex Longson                      2358

Daniel Abbas                      2302

Jamie Horton                      2249

Stuart Clarke                      2223

Alan  Walton                      2166     (2076)

John Bentley                      2156

Daniel Lea                          2155

Sarah Longson                   2123

Mitchell Burke                    2112      (2073)

Edward Jackson                 2077      (1810)

Cory Hazlehurst                 2068

Joao Rita                            2035

Phil Adams                         2032      (2320)

Robert McLean                   2021

Crystal Ashton                   2009      (1930)

Nathan Gittens                   1978

Graham Burton                  1953

Jacob Manton                     1938

Kevin Ye                             1974      (1893)

Nathan Butterworth          1941

Michael Tebelev                 1921

Seny Denisov                     1832

Ethan Gardiner                  1780      (1840)

Jade Drummond                1780      (1728)

Denis Denisov                    1759

Helal Ahmed                      1755

Alannah Ashton                 1739      (1510)

Jonathan Miller                  1701      (2078)

Karl Moorcroft                   1684

Ahmed Abbas                    1659

Benhamida, Aisha             1645

Benhamida, Mohammed   1623

Hunain Malik                     1585      (1428)

David Gardiner                  1563      (1690)

Everson Correa                  1547

Neil Jackson                      1538      (1473)

Lucas Chan                        1488      (1615)

Mohammed Rohman         1486

Rebecca Correa                 1477      (1390)

Zayeem Alam                    1467      (1330)

Shahed Alam                     1458      (1345)

Karl Monaghan                  1435

John Walton                      1429

Becky Kerton                     1413

Edward Correa                  1316      (1180)

Shaked Nussbaum            1308      (1668)

Tim Ye                               1285      (1345)

Claire Kerton                     1278  

Tony Ashton                      1270

Jude Benhamida                1120     (1360)

Akil Balakrishnan              1106      (1281)


The full 3C's list - updated every month and including online ratings - can be seen via the following link ...

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The former 3-digit player grading system used by the ECF has been changed to one of 4 digits to keep more in line with those of many other countries.


Therefore, if anyone is unsure as to how their new rating compares to that under the previous scheme then a conversion table ( by courtesy of South Hams Chess Club) should help and can be seen via the following link ...




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