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The 2022 MCF online competition began on 17 January and played on


3Cs entered three teams with matches played every fortnight although players don’t need to commit to play in every match.


1. All matches are played on Mondays - 7.30 pm start


2. The time limit is 15 mins each plus a 10 second increment


3. You play two games per match, one with each colour


4. 4 players in a team and max 8 in each team squad - no crossover of players permitted


5. You do not need to commit to playing every week


You can register with a ‘handle’ instead of your real name but if so then you would still need to let 3Cs know your actual identity by emailing both of the following ...

Alan Walton (

Phil Adams (


If you would be interested in playing for 3Cs online, in this or other competitions, please join the on-line 3Cs' club at and contact Phil Adams (as above).


The teams in the 2022 Manchester League online competition are as follows 


3Cs 1,   3Cs 2,   3Cs 3,



Chorlton 1,   Chorlton 2,   Chorlton 3,

East Cheshire 1,   East Cheshire 2,

Great Lever,



Swinton & Worsley.

The league will consist of one division played as a Swiss event  (ie For each round the teams will be paired against others who are currently at the same level as themselves

For the 3Cs' fixtures click on to our main "Fixtures" page.

14 March 2022

3Cs 1 - Manchester Online League Champions !!!

Our first team defeated Altrincham 6.5 - 1.5 to finish the Manchester Online League season with a 100% record and therefore win the League title for the third year in a row.

The winning of the Championship is even more impressive in that, of their five matches played in the 14-team league, 3Cs 1 defeated those who eventually finished in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions.


Indeed it was a highly-successful end to the season for the club with 3Cs 2 defeating Stockport 5-3 while our third team won 6-2 against Chorlton 3.  The final league table shows 3Cs 2 and 3Cs 3 in equal 8th position with both teams having the same number of match points and also the same game points difference from their five matches.

The title is the 83rd Manchester League trophy won by 3Cs, having joined 42 years ago in 1980, yet the next club in the list of overall trophy wins have a total of 60 but have been in the League since it began 122 years ago in 1890.

It also increases the lead for 3Cs 1 as the most successful individual team in the history of the Manchester League with them now having won 43 league and cup trophies.  The next team in that list having 40 but again having been in the league for an extra 80 years.

The 3Cs' squad of players for the 2022 Manchester Online League

3Cs 1                             3Cs 2                                      3Cs 3
Jamie Horton                John Tompson                      Shahedul Alam
Robert McLean             Daniel McGlashan                 Zayeem Alam
Phil Adams                    Jonathan Miller                     Jude Benhamida
John Bentley                 Mohammad Rohman            James Marshall
Joao Rita                        Neil Jackson                          Edward Correa
Nathan Gittens              Mohammad Benhamida       Damian Johnson
Edward Jackson            Everson Correa                      Ivan Elisseev-Siuda
Kyle Pelling                    Rebecca Correa


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