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3Cs' Coaching Structure ...

Although plenty of success has come 3C's way for many years, the main object of the club is - and always has always been -  to give youngsters of all ages the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of chess.


Obviously many of those youngsters have continued their interest in the game into their later years and of course they are still welcomed to be part of the club. However 3Cs always encourages them - as well as the parents of the children who attend the club - to assist in any way they can in order to continue our efforts in promoting chess as a worthwhile as well as enjoyable activity for young boys and girls.


Therefore not only do 3Cs provide expert coaching for players of varying levels (as shown in the photos on the left where 3Cs' head coach Phil Adams is conducting one of his weekly sessions) but also by players who have come through the 3C's ranks as well as parents (see photos on the right) who are happy to help any newcomers take their first step of their chess career.


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24 June 2021


3Cs' International Master Andy Horton provided some advanced coaching for our members.  Click on any of the photographs below for larger images of the sessions.

1 April 2019                                             CAN YOU HELP ?


Not only are 3Cs constantly attempting to improve the way in which they can provide local youngsters with the opportunities to play chess but also to give the best possible coaching to any young players who have an interest in improving their ability.


3Cs is well-known - and in many ways unique amongst the chess clubs of Britain - for many of its members going into local schools and teaching chess to pupils and it is from that source that we then attract many players to our club.


The main aim of 3Cs has always been to encourage local children to first of all become interested in the game.  However, to continue to provide such a service we now ask if there is anyone else who might be able to provide some chess instruction in local schools, even if at a very basic level.


Should you wish to help then please let us know when at our Thurday evening club night or contact Steve Rigby via his details on the "Club Officials" drop-down section of the "Who We Are" page of this website.

19 December 2018


Further improvements to the already well-established and highly successful 3Cs' coaching system is to be implemented in 2019 with Sarah and Alex Longson joining the regular coaching staff at the club and with an improved and structured system being organised to hopefully further assist our young players to rise through the ranks.


Alex Longson himself began as a young player with 3Cs and benefited enormously from the coaching he received, resulting in him being selected as a England junior International player and later becoming a FIDE Master.


Sarah, Alex's wife, was also an early starter, winning the UK Girls' under-7s' Championship and then going on to become the British Womens' Champion in 2013.  Sarah is also well-known nationally as organiser of the annual UK Delancey Chess Challenge in which many of the 3Cs' young players compete.


Both Sarah and Alex (pictured below) have also represented 3Cs for the last two years in the European Club Cup.


A reorganised coaching structure will hopefully give our young players a positive sense of direction in chess terms as they progress through the various levels of instruction at the club, with the coaching for the various groups all following a similar pattern so that the players find it easier when stepping up to the next level.


3Cs' founder Steve Rigby, along with Dave Monaghan, will take charge of those young players who are still in the process of developing their chess knowledge while Crystal Ashton, with help from husband and FIDE Master Adam - yet another success of the 3Cs' coaching system - will continue to provide more advanced instruction. Sarah and Alex will then assist in identifying and giving encouragement to any youngsters who show future potential before they advance to the top group of 3Cs' head coach Phil Adams who will continue to prepare those players aiming to take part in competitive chess at a higher level .... previous results of which can be seen by viewing the 3Cs' honours board which not only shows successes for the club itself but also for the many individual players who have gained local, national and International recognition in the world of chess.    


Is this the future or (being in the presence   of a time traveller) is it the past ?


However, the question is "Whose move ?"   ... or should that be "Who's move ?"

Who's move

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