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Details of 3Cs' juniors in the annual Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge

The Delancey UK Chess Challenge website can be accessed via the link below...

                    Sat/Sun 6/7 July 2024
                    NORTHERN GIGAFINAL

Wright-Robinson College, Gorton, Manchester
26 May 2024

Hunain Malik and Ben Newton both scored 4 out of 6 and finished equal third in the under-18s' section of the 2024 UK Challenge Megafinal, having drawn when paired together in round 3, while Charlie Locke scored 3.5 and also qualified for the Gigafinal stage of the event.  In the under-12s' event, Noah Hicks scored 4 points and finished equal 8th (out of 58) while Ivan Elisseev-Siuda was 40th on 2 points.
28 May 2023

The Manchester regional Megafinal of the 2023 Delancey UK Chess Challenge took place over the weekend of 27/28 May at Cheadle Hulme school, with a score of 3.5 or more out of 6 being enough to qualify for the next stage of the competition.

Our 3Cs' entrants in the various sections scored as follows ...

Under-18s    Kyle Pelling  4
Under-14s    Hunain Malik 6  (Section winner)
Under-14s    Edward Correa 3.5
Under-12s    Oliver Shijaku  5  (Section runner-up)
Under-12s    Noah Hicks  3.5
Sarah and Alex Longson, organisers of the Delancey UK Chess Challenge.

Alex is a product of the 3Cs' coaching system and became an England junior International while Sarah was the 2013 British women's champion.

Both Sarah and Alex play for 3Cs in the Manchester League and were also part of the team when 3Cs qualified for the European Club Championships in both 2017 and 2018.
27 October 2022

3Cs are very sad to learn of the death of International Master Mike Basman, the founder of the UK Chess Challenge. Mike's inititive in creating a national junior chess competition in 1996 has provided the opportunity for many young players to take their first steps into the world of competitive chess, with many going on to achieve even greater accolades in their later years, one of which being 3Cs' Stephen Gordon who won the 2005 UK Chess Challenge and since progressed to gain Grandmaster status.

3Cs send their condolences to all Mike's family and friends with grateful thanks for all the work he did to promote youth chess in the country.
29 May 2022

Sisters Alannah (under-10s) and Savannah Ashton (under-8s) both qualified for the next phase of the UK Chess Challenge, the Gigafinal, with scores of 5/6 while their younger sister Vanessa, also in the under-8s' event, scored 3/6.

Three of the top four players in the u-18s' section were from 3Cs - Edward Jackson, Kyle Pelling and Kevin Ye - while the club were represented in the under-14s' competition by Hunain Malik and Tim Ye.

The u-18s' section actually included a mini 3Cs' competition with all three of our players being paired against each other. In round 3 Edward defeated Kevin who then drew against Kyle in round 4, while Edward won against Kyle in round 5.

Edward ended with a perfect 6/6, while Kevin scored 4 points and Kyle 3.5.

In the under-14s' section Hunain Malik finished with 3.5 while Tim Ye scored 2.5.

The photo below (left) shows Edward (as white) and Kevin waiting to face each other with Kyle in the background while the other photograph is of Hunain Malik competing in the u-14s' section.  All four players qualified for the next stage of the tournament.

3Cs' Stephen Gordon was the overall winner of the UK Chess Challenge in 2005. Click on the link below for a report of his victory in the final

16 October 2022

3Cs' Edward Jackson finished in 6th position, scoring 6/11 in the under-18s' section of the 2022 Delancey UK Chess Challenge at Blenheim Palace near Oxford. Edward's results can be seen via the following link  ... 

Edward had qualified for the final stage of the National event by winning the under-18s' Challengers event for the second year in a row, scoring an unbeaten 8/9.
Jackson,Edward 2022 UKCC.jpg
10 July 2022

The 2022 Northern Gigafinals saw Kevin Ye finish with 4.5/7 in the under-18s' tournament while Rebecca Correa scored 3.5/7 in the under-14s' event.

Despite being seeded 21st (out of 42) in the boys' under-12s' competition, Edward Correa scored 4.5/7 and finished 6th, with his only losses being against the top two seeds while also drawing against seed three.

Alannah Ashton finish as runner-up in the girls' Under-10s' event with a score of 6/7 while her sister Savannah ended with 4/7 and fourth position in the girls' under-8s' competition.
2022 Megafinal (1).jpg
2022 Megafinal (2).jpg

19 September 2021


3Cs' Edward Jackson has won the under-18s' Challengers competition at the Terafinal of the UK Chess Challenge.  Ed was the only entrant from the North of England and finished a full point ahead of the runner-up.


Edward is shown receiving his trophy while the details of the tournament can be seen via this link ....

Jackson, Edward 2021

9 October 2021


3Cs' Edward Jackson finished fourth in the under-18s' section at the 2021 UK Chess Challenge Terafinal with a score of 7.5/11, gaining 117 FIDE rating points. Further details can be seen via this link  

2019 Terafinal

22 September 2019


Ethan Gardiner finished 5th in the under-10s' competition at the 2019 Terafinal and is shown receiving his prize from Sarah Longson, organiser of the Delancey UK Chess Challenge.

A booklet titled "Chess Battle Manual" has been produced for the 2019 Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge including top tips, puzzles, chess trivia, chess quotes and an A-Z of chess terms.


Some of the tips can also be found on the "Tips, Strategies" page on the 3Cs' website, accessed via the drop-down box of the "Coaching" section and which also gives access to an "A-Z of Chess"

1 May 2020


Grandmaster David Howell and Sarah Longson, the organiser of the UK Chess Challenge, have produced a video to try and prevent any cheating while playing chess online.


Chess is an honourable game and we don't want any kids to succumb to temptation and pick up a bad reputation.  Cheat moves are often quite noticeable to high graded players and algorithms can kill your account if there is suspicious behaviour.


The video can be seen via this link ......

7 July 2019


Alannah Ashton (pictured rbelow) has qualified for the 2019 Terafinal by virtue of winning the girls' under-7s' Midlands Gigafinal with a 100% score of 6/6.

17 July 2018


3Cs have four players through to the Terafinal of the UK Chess Challenge.


The photograph on the left shows 3Cs' 2018 Terafinal qualifiers Alannah Ashton and Kevin Ye while on the right is pictured Ethan Gardiner and Ben Newton along with event organisers Sarah and Alex Longson.

Ashton Ye
Gigafinal 2018

12 May 2018


The local Megafinal took place at Saddleworth School on Saturday 12th May 2018


The photo shows Megafinal organiser Steve Rigby with some of the 3Cs' trophy winners.

Back (l-r): Edward Correa, Rebecca Correa, Adam Booth, Alicia Custy, Jacob Shanker

Front: Alannah Ashton

1 Mega
Alannah Ashton Giga 2019

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