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3Cs Chess Club

St.Edward's RC Parish Hall

Spring Lane


Oldham,  OL4 5AJ


Thursdays 7pm - 9pm

The next 3Cs' club night is tonight, Thursday, 29 September (7pm)

The 3Cs' fixtures for the 2022-23 Manchester League season are now available via the drop-down box of our main "Fixtures" page

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For anyone interested in joining 3Cs, you can find contact details in our "Club Officials" section (via the drop-down box of the main "Who We Are" page.


3Cs began the 2022-23 season in excellent style with their 3rd team winning 4-2 away to Chorlton 3 in the first round of the Wahltuch Trophy.  3Cs' points came via wins by Mischa Tebelev along with brother and sister Edward and Rebecca Correa, while Nathan Butterworth and Jade Drummond gained draws.  3Cs 3 now face either Blue Club 2 or Stockport 2 in the quarter-finals. However, our 5th team lost in their Rapidplay Cup match at home Bolton 6.

Details from Phil Adams's most recent 3Cs' Newsletter (27 September) can now be seen on our main "Coaching" page. The full content of the fortnightly newsletters (available only to 3Cs' members) include several tactical problems. If any current or former 3Cs' members do not already receive Phil's full newsletter but would wish to do so then please e-mail Phil at "phil1948a@hotmail.com".

Some 3Cs' photographic archives have recently been discovered.  To view them go to both our "4NCL Photos" section, via the drop-down box of the main "4NCL" page, and also our "All Our Chessterdays" section, via the drop-down box of the main "Who We Are" page.

Several 3Cs' members have been in action at various events throughout the country. Five players took part in the ilkley Congress while Edward Jackson was in the UK Chess Challenge event.  News of all can be seen via the drop-down box of the main "News" page ... the Ilkey tournament in the "3Cs On Tour" section while there is also a section purely for reports from the "UK Chess Challenge".

The ECF have introduced a new rolling membership scheme with any memberships lasting now for 12 months from the date of purchase. For more information go to our "ECF memberships" section (via the drop-down box of the main "Who We Are" page).

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3Cs, or to use its official name "The Childrens' Chess Club of Oldham", is dedicated to providing the opportunity for local youngsters to learn and play the game of chess.

The club is recognised as one of the most successful production lines of young talent throughout the country with both the club itself and many of its individual members having gained major honours at both national and international level.

                     Forthcoming 3Cs' Matches

                   Manchester Chess Federation

         Wednesday, 5th October, 2022   (7.30pm)

        "C" Division            Ashton 1     v     3Cs 3

      Rapid Division     3Cs 6   v   Swinton/Worsley 7
2011 Presentation (3)

3Cs' Dale James has been honoured by the English Chess Federation who have voted him as the winner of their national 2022 "Contribution to Junior Chess" award.

Dale's efforts in coaching chess in many of the local school certainly deserves such an accolade while more information of Dale's work is in the "ECF Awards" section of this website (via the drop-down box of the main "Club Honours" page).

Try our SEVEN daily chess puzzles and THREE play the computer games via the drop-down box of the main "Puzzle Board" page.

3Cs have two online clubs via "chess.com" and "lichess.org" and which can be seen via the following links ...

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Stephen Gordon
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3Cs' very own Grandmaster STEPHEN GORDON who joined the club while still at primary school and has since progressed to become one of the World's elite group of players.

The photographs above show Stephen in action (left) during the 2019 British Championships and also in conversation with Victor Korchnoi, one of the greatest players of all time.

Despite his talent often being sought by various teams both home and abroad, inluding regular appearances in the lucrative German national chess Bundersliga, Stephen continues to play for 3Cs in the 4NCL, where the club compete among the very best teams in Britain.

He has twice won the English Championship, in 2007 and 2012, as well as the 2019 British Rapidplay title while in 2005 he triumphed over more than 1,500 other competitors to win the UK Chess Challenge title.

Away from the board Stephen has also excelled with his ability in promoting the game of chess and for several years hosted "The Full English Breakfast", a chess podcast often highlighting the lighter side of the game. He is also regularly in demand to provide expert analysis of games played at the very top level.

19 Sep 2019 (4)

Just a typical night at a local chess club ???


However, the photograph shown is at a 3Cs' weekly club night and the "typical kind of members" include Grandmaster Stephen Gordon (seated) as well as International Master Andy Horton (second left) and Women's International Master and six times French women's champion Sophie Milliet (third left).


Also in the picture are Helal Ahmed (extreme left); Michael Tebelev (third right) and 3Cs' head coach Phil Adams (extreme right).

Founded in 1978 to promote and develop chess in Oldham Primary Schools and the surrounding districts, 3Cs has grown since then into one of the largest and strongest junior chess club in the country.  Any child is given a welcome, although most are recruited from the Oldham Primary Schools and join by invitation, while they are then encouraged to continue attending once they reach secondary-school age.


The club also has adult members of course who usually fall into one of three categories: ex-juniors who have since grown up; parents of juniors; player-coaches. However, any adults are also made welcome on condition that they actively support the aims and ethos of the club, whose main focus is the development and welfare of the children.


The overall achievements of the club have twice resulted in it receiving the English Chess Federation's "Club of the Year" award - the only club throughout the country to achieve the honour on two occasions - whilst in 2017 the club gained a place among the very best by qualifying to play in the European Club Cup, a feat they repeated in 2018.


However, despite these successes locally, nationally and Internationally, both as a club and for many of its members individually, 3Cs' greatest satisfaction - and forever the main focus of the club - is still seeing local youngsters coming through the door on their weekly club nights (Thursdays 7pm - 9pm) to just enjoy learning and playing the game.