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Founded 1978

As seen on BBC1's "The One Show"
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Miners Arts and Music Community Centre, Moston, Manchester.

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3Cs Chess Club

St.Edward's RC Parish Hall

Spring Lane


Oldham,  OL4 5AJ


Thursdays 7pm - 9pm

The next 3Cs' weekly club night takes place next Thursday, 25 April (7pm - 9pm) 

Updated  12.05am           Sat 20 Apr 2024

Thank you all for your support of the club


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                 Forthcoming 3Cs' Matches


            Wednesday 24 April  (7.30pm)
                  Wahltuch Trophy - Final
                    3Cs 3   v   Great Lever

              Thursday 25 April  (7.30pm)
                      F (u-1451) Division
           Swinton & Worsley 5   v   3Cs 5

3Cs have officially become the top chess club in the country after winning the ECF National Club Championship.

Further details are in our "2023 National Champions" section (via the drop-down box of our main "Club Honours" page).
2023 National Club .jpg
Photograph courtesy of Brendan O'Gorman
We are the Champions3Cs
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Welcome to 3Cs' website

To view the main page of each section shown in the menu at the top of this website just click on the appropriate heading. Alternatively simply place your cursor over the heading to reveal a drop-down box giving further options.

3Cs, or to use its official name "The Childrens' Chess Club of Oldham", is dedicated to providing the opportunity for local youngsters to learn and play the game of chess.

The club is recognised as one of the most successful production lines of young talent throughout the country, with both the club itself and many of its individual members having gained major honours at local, regional, national and international level.



Our first team have had their record-breaking eight year reign as Manchester League Champions come to an end due to Atherton taking the 2023-24 title.  3Cs 1 had previously maintained their hopes of the title with a 5-1 away win at Stockport 1 in which all the team were unbeaten in their individual games..  Our top two boards of Robert McLean and Greg Eagleton both drew while Kyle Pelling, Sarah Longson, Andy Lewis and Mischa Tebelev all won. 3Cs 1 finish as A Division runners-up.

3Cs 4 also saw their D Division title hopes diminish by going down 3.5 - 2.5 away to Eccles 3 with Mo Rohman winning his individual game while Hunain Malik, Karl Moorcroft and Ben Newton all drew.

Our rapidplay team (3Cs 6) have won the club's first trophy of the 2023-24 Manchester League season with a 6-2 victory away to Bolton 6 in the final of the Harry Lamb Trophy.  With each player facing the same opponent twice with alternate colours, all four 3Cs' players contributed to the success with Edward Correa and Suleiman Nisar winning both of their individual games while 3Cs' other points came via Charlie Locke (1.5) and a draw from James Marshall.

3Cs 2 maintained their chances of the Manchester League's B Division title with a 4.5 - 1.5 away win against Swinton & Worsley 2.  Mitchell Burke, Kyle Pelling, Andy Lewis and Mischa Tebelev all won their individual games while Marlon Espiritu gained a draw.

The men's and women's FIDE Candidates events are currently taking place to decide who will challenge for the World Championships later this year. Details of the Candidates tournaments can be seen via a link in our "World Championships" section (via the drop-down box of our main "News" page).

3Cs 3 lost 4-2 away to Stockport 2 in C Division of the Manchester League.  James Marshall and John Walton scored the points for 3Cs.  The loss by 3Cs 3 guarantees that Ashton 1 win the C Division Championship.


Mo Rohman finished equal fourth in the u-1650 section of the Bolton Congress with a score of 4/6 and in his third consecutive event defeated the competition's top seed. Becky Kerton scored 3 out of 6 despite losing in round three to her sister Claire, who herself ended on 2.5 points together with Karl Moorcroft and Noah Hicks who themselves drew when facing each other in the final round.  Noah's dad Sean scored 1.5 and also featured in another all-3Cs' match when having played Becky in round one.

Selected details from Phil Adams's latest 3Cs' Newsletter (26 March) can be seen on our main "Coaching" page.  The full content of the fortnightly newsletter (available only to 3Cs' members) includes several tactic problems as well as up-to-date news of events both local and afar.  If any current or former 3Cs' members do not receive the Newsletter but would wish to do so, please e-mail Phil at ""


Please note that all the remaining 3Cs' home matches in this season's Manchester League will be played in the upstairs room at the club's headquarters.   The Thursday club nights will still be downstairs as usual.

3Cs 5 lost 4.5 - 1.5 away to Chorlton 5 in the Manchester League's u-1451 division with the points for 3Cs coming via a win by Declan Johnston and a draw from Vic Pelling, who achieved a 147 (although at the wrong game) by drawing as black against an opponent who is that number of rating points ahead of him !


The Manchester area Megafinals of this year's Delancey UK Chess Challenge will take place at Cheadle Hulme school on the weekend of 25-26 May. More details available by clicking the heading of our "Future Events" page.

3Cs' founder Steve Rigby has started a new chess club in Welshpool where he now lives. Further information can be seen by clicking on our main "News" section in the menu at the top of this page.

Photos showing former 3Cs player and England junior International Ethan Gardiner at New York's Washington Square Park where many local hustlers hope to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

However, Ethan, who now lives in California but was on a visit to New York with dad David and brother Alex, was more than they expected and came out a 2-1 winner.

With summer holiday time approaching please will any 3Cs members also send in photos of any chess-related items from around the world and which we will include in our "Photo Gallery" section via the drop-down box of the main "Who We Are" page
Rigby - Points of Light.png
Rigby Points of Light.JPG
                        NATIONAL AWARD FOR 3Cs' FOUNDER

3Cs' founder Steve Rigby has been personally honoured by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who recommended him to receive a "Points of Light" award which is a National Honour bestowed upon individual volunteers whose efforts have made a difference to their community.

The Prime Minister's personal award is in recognition of the 45 years Steve has spent encouraging youngsters to play chess since forming the 3Cs chess club in 1978.

Steve becomes the first person to receive the award for services to chess while further information is in our "External Awards" section, via the drop-down box of the main "Club Honours" page.
3Cs Chess Club featured on the BBC1 primetime television programme "The One Show" on Friday 13 October 2023.

The section of the programme involving 3Cs can be seen by clicking on the box (below) while photographs taken when filming at the club are in our "BBC at 3Cs" section (via the drop-down box of the main "Who We Are" page).

The BBC have kindly given permission for 3Cs to reproduce the broadcast on this website.
2024 Bolton.jpg
3Cs' first major honour of 2024 has come via FIDE - the World governing body of chess - awarding the title of Candidate Master to Edward Jackson.

Photographs of all our players who have achieved Masters titles are in our "Titled Players" section, via the drop-down box of the main "Club Honours" page.
Jackson,Edward .jpg
3Cs were well represented at the 2024 Bolton Easter Congress with six players in the u-1650 section.

left to right:  Sean Hicks, Noah Hicks, Karl Moorcroft, Claire Kerton,  Becky Kerton,  Mohammed Rohman.
3Cs were prominent in the December 2023 issue of the English Chess Federation's monthly newsletter "Chess Moves".

A five-page article (pages 39-43), including several photographs, tells the story of 3Cs' formation and history while also detailing how the club has maintained an ongoing conveyor belt of young talent for many years.

Pages 47-48 report on Steve Rigby's recent "Points of Light" National Honour while pages 4-5 feature the recent British Blitz Championship where 3Cs' International Master Andy Horton became the 2023 English Blitz Champion.

The December 2023 newsletter can be seen by clicking on the following link...
3Cs have won the 2023 British Chess Educational Trust award for outstanding achievement and encouragement of chess at junior level and is the most prestigious national honour specifically for the promotion of junior chess.

The club have received an engraved chess board, boxed pieces and clock (shown below). More details are in our "ECF Awards" section (via the drop-down box of the main "Club Honours" page).
The main "Future Events" section of this website includes details of several forthcoming chess tournaments at various levels and which may be of interest for any 3Cs' members wishing to enter.

Just click on the "Future Events" heading at the top of the page.

If you are new to chess then click on the links below for some useful information. have issued a list of  chess-related phone apps available to download  Click on our main "Chess Links" heading to see the list.

7 chess puzzles - updated every day - plus 3 "Play the Computer" options are available via the drop-down box of our main "Puzzle Board" page.

Go to our "Who Else ?" section (via the drop-down box of the main "Q&A" page) to see which celebrities also play chess.
3Cs' founder Steve Rigby alongside one of the club's coaches, Crystal Ashton.

Although now living near the Welsh border, Steve regularly attends the club and is still actively involved in much of the behind the scenes organisation for 3Cs.

As well as her coaching duties, Crystal also organises the 3Cs' Junior 4NCL team and has also recently passed an arbiters' exam.
2023 3cs (1).JPG

3Cs' very own Grandmaster STEPHEN GORDON who joined the club while still at primary school and has since progressed to become one of the World's elite group of players.

The photographs above show Stephen in action (left) during the 2019 British Championships and also in conversation with Victor Korchnoi, one of the greatest players of all time.

Despite his talent often being sought by various teams both home and abroad, including regular appearances in the lucrative German national chess Bundersliga, Stephen continues to play for 3Cs.

He has twice won the English Championship, in 2007 and 2012, as well as the 2019 British Rapidplay title while in 2005 he triumphed over more than 1,500 other competitors to win the UK Chess Challenge title.

Away from the board Stephen has also excelled with his ability in promoting the game of chess and for several years hosted "The Full English Breakfast", a chess podcast often highlighting the lighter side of the game. He is also regularly in demand to provide expert analysis of games played at the very top level.

Much of the 3Cs' success for several years is due to many of its juniors continuing to play with the club in their later years ... with the photo (below) providing such examples.

From left to right, Dale James, Andy Lewis and Adam Ashton, all began playing chess for 3Cs while at junior school and are all still involved with the club.
2023 3cs (2).JPG
3Cs have two online clubs via "" and "" and which can be seen via the following links ...
19 Sep 2019 (4)
9 year old James Kaliski, one of the current group of up-and-coming 3Cs' young players. displayed his skills on the open-air chess set in Manchester city centre, receiving plenty of praiseworthy comments from people who stopped to watch as he took on adult opponents.

Yes, James won and was even rewarded with free ice cream courtesy of a vendor who was delighted that James has attracted a large crowd near to her van on such a hot afternoon.
James Kaliski Manchester open (3).jpg
                    ALANNAH ASHTON
  2023 British Girls' under-12s' Champion
2023 Alannah.jpg
Photograph courtesy of Adrian Elwin
Images from a recent 3Cs' club night showing some junior members (above) and those with more experience (below).

Just a typical night at a local chess club ???


However, the photograph (left) is from a 3Cs' weekly club night and the "typical kind of members" include Grandmaster Stephen Gordon (seated) as well as International Master Andy Horton (second left) and Women's International Master and six times French women's champion Sophie Milliet (third left).


Also in the picture are Helal Ahmed (extreme left); Michael Tebelev (third right) and head coach Phil Adams (extreme right).

3Cs Emblem - Copy.png

Founded in 1978 to promote and develop chess in Oldham Primary Schools and the surrounding districts, 3Cs has grown since then into one of the largest and strongest junior chess club in the country.  Any child is given a welcome, although most are recruited from the Oldham Primary Schools and join by invitation, while they are then encouraged to continue attending once they reach secondary-school age.


The club also has adult members of course who usually fall into one of three categories: ex-juniors who have since grown up; parents of juniors; player-coaches. However, any adults are also made welcome on condition that they actively support the aims and ethos of the club, whose main focus is the development and welfare of the children.


The overall achievements of the club have twice resulted in it receiving the English Chess Federation's "Club of the Year" award - the only club throughout the country to achieve the honour on two occasions - whilst in 2017 the club gained a place among the very best by qualifying to play in the European Club Cup, a feat they repeated in 2018.


However, despite these successes locally, nationally and Internationally, both as a club and for many of its members individually, 3Cs' greatest satisfaction - and forever the main focus of the club - is still seeing local youngsters coming through the door on their weekly club nights (Thursdays 7pm - 9pm) to just enjoy learning and playing the game.

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