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Miners Arts and Music Community Centre, Moston, Manchester.

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20 July 2023

The BBC visited 3Cs' headquarters to film at one of our weekly club nights for use on the popular BBC1 primetime television programme "The One Show".  The filming featured many of the 3Cs' coaches providing their weekly sessions as well as several of our players in action, some of whom were also interviewed about their interest in chess.

Prior to attending the 3Cs' club, the BBC had also been to one of the local schools where Dale James provides regular chess instruction as well as at "Spindles" shopping centre in Oldham where they filmed another set of our young players taking on any passers-by who might like to try their luck against "just young kids".  The 3Cs' representatives never lost a game !!!

Due to unforseen circumstances not actually involving 3Cs, the broadcasting of the film has had to be delayed but the date will be announced here as soon as it is finalised.
The photographs above show some of our young players taking on all-comers at Spindles shopping centre in Oldham while the rows below feature the BBC when filming at 3Cs' headquarters.

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