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Daily Puzzle 6 ...

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Miners Arts and Music Community Centre, Moston, Manchester.

Details via "Sponsors" section of drop-down box on "Welcome" page

Courtesy of "Chess Tempo" 

Chess Tempo Daily Puzzle

Play the correct moves by dragging the pieces on the board. If you play an incorrect move, you will be marked wrong, and you'll be able to move through the solution with the arrow keys or navigation buttons.


To show the list of moves and analysis of the top 5 moves at each point, press the 'Show' button. You can click on any of the sub-varation moves in the solution to jump to that position on the board.

Three level of tactics are provided each day, easy, medium, and hard, you can change difficulty level by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

A green _/ will show at the bottom of the puzzle when solved

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