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A victory for our first team away to Chorlton 2 secured the B Division Championship in the South-East Lancashire Summer League.  With 3Cs having rejoined the summer league this season after a 9 year gap, the 4.5 - 1.5 win gave them their first trophy in the league since 2003 and has been achieved with one match still to play and so far with a 100% record.

The Championship winning success in the match at Chorlton came via individual board wins from Kyle Pelling, Karl Moorcroft, Jade Drummond and Everson Correa as well as a draw from Jonathan Miller.
2022 Season - 3Cs' Players' Register

Name                                 Rating

Mitchell Burke                   2097
Edward Jackson                2077
Dale James                        2054
Kyle Pelling                       1988
Andy Lewis                        1960e
Mischa Tebelev                 1948
Helal Ahmed                      1745
Jonathan Miller                 1673
Karl Moorcroft                   1682
Hunain Malik                     1545
Everson Correa                 1543
Neil Jackson                      1538
Rebecca Correa                 1496
Mohammed Rohman        1504
Zayeem Alam                    1467
John Walton                      1443
Edward Correa                  1275
Shahedul Alam                  1275
James Marshall                 1275

Daniel McGlashan             1275
Damian Johnson               1275
Vic Pelling                          1128
Ryan Connolly                   1100
Ivan Elisseev-Siuda          1100
Fadeh Muhammad            1000e
Abdul Qadeer                    1000e
Hafsa Riaz                         1000e
Ibrahim Riaz                     1000e
Paul Shilton                       1000e
Seb Kearns                        1000e
Tom Kearns                       1000e
James Kaliski                    1000e
Hasan Adnan                     1000e
3Cs use many of their younger or less-experienced players in the Summer League to help give them an early taste of playing in a competitive environment.

In doing so, they may, of course, face some opponents who have been around the chess scene for quite some time, yet the ultimate aim of the 3Cs club will have been achieved if our players can learn something from those games in order to help their future progress.

One such player is teenager James Marshall (pictured) who only joined 3Cs last year but recently gained a win in the Summer League against an opponent rated more than 300 points ahead of him.
Marshall, James.png
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