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                                  (Provided by Chess Strategy Online)


First select your colour by clicking the appropriate box below the board.


To move just click on your required piece and drag it to the desired square.


At the end of a game just click on "Continue" to reset the board.

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                                   PLAY THE COMPUTER FROM ANY STARTING POSITION

                                                         Courtesy of ""

You can play a game against the computer either starting from the usual opening position or after placing pieces onto specific squares of your choice.

To start from any position other than the usual opening, click onto any desired piece and then click onto the square you want it moving to  (ie Do not drag the piece to the new square).

Continue to do this  (in "white-black-white-black" order) until your required position is reached

Once your opening position is as you require then click onto "Play Computer From This Position" to start the game.

Once the "starting board" is shown and should you wish to play as black then click once on the white triangle at the top right of the board.
- - - - - - - - - - -
<  <    Return to usual opening postition
<        Return one move
>        Advance one move
>  >    Advance to end position
FLIP  Switch colours to opposite end of board

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The following link is to access "" where there are chess puzzles to solve, live games to watch and where you can play online either against other players or the computer.
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