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The 2024 Glorney Cup - a home nations junior International team event - will take place in Hull from 23-25 July with competitions at u-18, u-14 and u-12 levels.  Further details of the tournament can be seen via the following link ...
19 November 2023

Noah Hicks finished equal 5th (out of 37) in the  under-12s' section of the Staffordshire Junior Championships, scoring 4 /6.  More details can be seen via the link below ...
10 December 2023

Ibrahim Riaz scored 5/6 and came runner-up in the under-9s' section of the Greater Manchester junior rapidplay tournament with Elodie Martiniere finishing on 4 out of 6.  The under-11s' event included Maeve Martiniere (4pts), Sachin Osmond (3.5) and Hafsa Riaz (3) while Aaron Lewis, despite among the youngest in the under-18s' section, scored an excellent 3/6.

Some 3Cs' players at the event are shown here > > >
(Click on any photo to show a larger image)
20 August 2023

Kyle Pelling represented England in the 2023 Glorney Cup; a junior international event between the four home nations, which this year was played in Stirling, Scotland. Kyle was board 1 for England and finished with a win and four draws from his six games. However, Scotland won the trophy, while more details can be seen via the following link ...
1 July 2023

3Cs won the junior team event at the 2023 Lymm Chess Festival in which seven teams competed.
The 3Cs' team was (left to right)
Maeve Martiniere, Charlie Barnes,  Tom Kearns, James Kaliski, Sebastian Kearns  and Aaron Lewis.

9 July 2023

Charlie Barnes finished runner-up  in the Ashton junior rapidplay scoring 4 out of 5. Several other 3Cs' players entered the event, namely Sebastian and Thomas Kearns, Maeve Martiniere, Bailey Jones and James Kaliski.
8 July 2023

Kyle Pelling won the under-18's event at the national EJCOA finals , gaining 3 wins and 2 draws in an unbeaten 4 out of 5.  Although finishing runner-up in a combined under 16-18-20 competition, Kyle was the leading under-18's player and is shown receiving his award while further details can be seen via the following link ...
2023 EJCAO (2).jpg
2023 Lymm (7) - Copy.jpg
29 April 2023

Oldham under-11s finished equal 12th in the EPSCA national championships despite being the only town team playing against regional opposition. Oldham's 9 points were scored by Savannah Ashton (2), Sebastian Chung (2), Oliver Shijaku (1.5), Kingston Au (1), James Kaliski (1) and Tom Kearns (1).

In the under-9s' event, Oldham finished equal 11th, scoring 7.5 points via Abbas Ali (2), Vanessa Ashton (1), Kingston Au (1), Dilan Betney (1), Tom Kearns (1), Yusuf Taher (1) and Savannah Ashton (0.5).
18 March 2023

Oldham qualified for the national finals of all three EPSCA events (under-9s, under-11s, girls) with details of the qualifying rounds for the age-limit competitions available via the following links ...
10 July 2022

Having previously won the North-West under-16s' section of the English Junior Coaches and Organisers Association (EJCOA) tournament, Kyle Pelling advanced to the national finals in Nottingham where the three major sections of u-16, u-18 and u-20 were combined to make it more competitive.  However, even against such opposition, Kyle was still seeded third out of nineteen and certainly justified that position by ending the tournament unbeaten with three wins and two draws, including defeats of both the second and fourth seeds and a draw in the final round against seed one.

Kyle's performance resulted in him becoming the national EJCOA under-16s' champion and is pictured receiving both his National award (left) and his North-West trophy (right).
Pelling July22.jpg
Kyle Pelling May2022.jpg
3 May 2022

3Cs' Kyle Pelling completed his series of competitions in Rhodes, Greece by scoring 2.5/9 in the under-16s' section of the World Youth Blitz Championship having previously scored 3.5/9 in the equivalent Rapidplay event and 3/9 in the European Schools under-17s' tournament.

Kyle therefore became the 39th 3Cs' player to gain International honours for England.

The photos are of Kyle in Greece, with the top right showing the European Chess Union President opening the event by making the ceremonial first move in Kyle's opening match.
(Click on any of the photographs fo a larger image)

Details of Kyle's progress in all the events can be seen via the following links ..

8 July 2020


Sithun De Silva, who attends the coaching sessions organised by 3Cs' Paul Keech and has played for the Oldham under-9 and under-11 town teams, was one of just 10 players selected by - out of 27,000 to sign up - to represent the UK last week in a challenge match against 10 of the most promising youngsters from the USA.


Each player faced the same opponent in two games, one as white and one as black, with Sithun winning his first game but losing the second.  The match finished as an exciting tie 10-10 with USA winning the match courtesy of a tiebreak.

11 May 2021


The Chess in Schools and Communities organisation (CSC) is delighted to announce the launch of a new online chess club aimed at secondary school pupils. Membership of the club is open to anyone aged 11-18 in the UK and is completely free of charge. The club makes use of the Lichess platform and is suitable for chess players of all abilities, from beginner to expert.


Members of the club will be able to improve their chess skills through interactive lessons and the vast library of puzzles available on Lichess. They can participate in regular CSC tournaments in a variety of formats and try their hand at the full array of chess variants: Crazyhouse, Chess960, Antichess, and Atomic Chess. Schools can enter team battles to compete against their counterparts from across the country. Our aim is to develop a club to complement our ChessKid offering for primary schools which now has over 33,000 members and will soon host its 300th tournament.


The club is also open to individual children with their own free Lichess accounts.

Details of how to register for accounts or to join the club can be found here.

1 February 2020


Four of our players took part in the ECF Academy blitz event which featured many of the country's top youngsters. Edward Jackson was 3Cs' highest scorer on 5/7 while our other players were Ethan Gardiner (4), Hunain Malik (4) and Lucas Chan (2).

8 March 2020


Oldham Schools' under-11s' qualified for the National Finals by ending third in the Northern Zone.  Four players won all their three games, namely Zayeen Alam, Alannah Ashton, Adam Khan and Ryan Gumbley.


Manchester, Tameside and Lancashire all failed to qualify.

23 February 2020


3Cs dominated the Northern Junior Championships with our youngsters winning five of the titles.


A combined competition took place for the u-12, u-14, u-16 and u-18 championships and with Ethan Gardiner finishing  joint top of the whole event with 5/6. However as each title was decided separately Ethan was awarded the under-12s' Championship.


There was double success for two 3Cs' families with Aisha Benhamida winning the girls' under-18s' championship and brother Mohammed lifting the under-14s' title while sisters Alannah and Savannah Ashton won the girls' under-9s and under-7s' tournaments.


Another brother-sister partnership also gained prizes with Edward Correa as runner-up in the boys' under-10s' event and sister Rebecca third in the girls' under-12s' competition.

8 February 2020


Ben Newton has won the English Schools' under-11s' Rapidplay for the second year in succession and was unbeaten in scoring 4.5/5.


Lucas Chan was runner-up on 4/5 - and has qualified for a place at the England team trials -  while the scores for the other 3Cs' players were as follows ... Alannah Ashton (3), Jude Benhamida (3), Hunain Malik (3), Tim Ye (2.5), Akil Balakrishnan (2).


In the under-10s' tournament Zayeem Alam finished as runner-up on 4/5 while Ollie Mills was third on 3/5.


With Zayeem having won their all-3Cs' encounter in round 3 the only other defeats for both players was to the eventual winner of the competition who scored 5/5.


Our players in the five-round under-9s' event scored as follows ... Fateh Muhammed (3), Kyle Harman (2.5), Shayan Ghouri (2).


There was an outstanding display in the under-8s' competition with Ivan Elisseev-Siuda achieving a 100% record from his five games while Savannah Ashton finished equal 4th on 3/5.

17 November 2019


Edward Jackson (shown below) is the latest 3Cs' young player to receive International recognition with his selection to play for England under-14s'  in the European youth rapidplay and blitz championships to be played in Estonia.

Edward Jackson

8 June 2019


For the second consecutive year Ethan Gardiner took part in the under-11s'  event at the European Schools' Championships which this year were in Romania.


Ethan scored 4 / 9 and gained a total of 27 FIDE points.  He was also the equal second-placed English player out of the 7 representatives for the country in the under-11s' section and achieved the highest tournament performance rating of all.

24 July 2019


Ethan Gardiner went to Ireland to play for the England under-12s' team in the Glorney Gilbert International competition. The England team finished as runners-up although Ethan remained unbeaten scoring 4 out of 5.


The event comprised of teams from six countries with the photo showing Ethan facing a Welsh opponent.

27 April 2019


3Cs' players once again led the way for Oldham when playing in the EPSCA under-9s' Championship.


The team of 12 included six 3Cs' players who gained 7.5 points out of the team's total of 9.5 and with all six players scoring points, as follows:

Ollie Mills (2),  Lucas Chan (1.5),  Alannah Ashton (1),

Akil Balakrishnan(1), Leo Booth(1), Fateh Mohammed(1)


The team themselves finsihed in 12th position and as the highest Northern-based side in the event.

Ethan Gardiner 1

16 March 2019


Oldham Schools' under-9s' and under-11s' teams will both be taking part in their respective national finals after successes in the regional qualifiers.


The under-11s will be playing in Nottingham on 30 March with the under-9s tournament on 27 April at Solihull.


Especially pleasing was that every 3Cs' player contributed points to their overall team's total.


Under-9s: Akil Balakrishnan (3),  Alannah Ashton (2),  Lucas Chan (2),  Ollie Mills (2), Zayeem Alam (1)


Under-11s: Zayem Alam (3), Alannah Ashton (3), Akil Balakrishnan (3), Ollie Mills(3), Leo Booth(2), Lucas Chan(2), Ben Newton(2), Tim Ye(1).

30 March 2019


Oldham, competing purely as a town team, once again took on County opposition from throughout the country in the EPSCA under-11s' final and with several 3Cs' players being among the team's top performers. Tim Ye was unbeaten with 2 wins and a draw while Zayeem Alam, Alannah Ashton, Akil Balakrishnan and Lucas Chan all scored 2/3.  Other 3Cs' points scorers were Hunain Malik (1.5) and Leo Booth (1).


3Cs' players again showed the value of attending the club by scoring 13 out of the the 18 game points (72%) achieved overall by the team during the tournament.

8 February 2019


3Cs dominated the EPSCA rapidplay events at Liverpool with players from the club winning 5 of the 6 tournaments and being runner-up in the other.


Ben Newton won the under-11s on 4.5/5 while Ethan Gardiner ended as runner-up on 4/5. Both players finished unbeaten while the "Clash of the Titans" was in round 3 when Ben and Ethan drew their personal encounter.


The under-10s' event was in two sections with Ryan Connolly finshing top of his group while Hunain Malik and Tim Ye were joint runners-up in the other.


Edward Correa won his group at under-9s although only after a "Championship decider" in the last round against Akil Balakrishnan while the runner-up was Lucas Chan. Another under-9s' group was won by Zayeem Alam with Ollie Mills in second position.


The under-8s' Championship was won by Alannah Ashton.

17 December 2018


Ethan Gardiner competed in the London Junior Championships under-10s' event which featured most of the top young players in the country. An excellent score of 5.5 / 7 saw Ethan finish in 4th place out of 121 players, being just half a point behind the winner and gaining 41 FIDE points in the process.

15 December 2018

Congratulations to Rebecca Correa and Ethan Gardiner who helped the North of England to victory in a under-12s' match against Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

23 March 2019


3Cs' Alannah Ashton and Rebecca Correa both produced excellent displays when playing for Manchester in the EPSCA National girls' under-11s' final. The Manchester team finished 7th out of 16 with Rebecca being unbeaten on 2.5 out of 3 and Alannah scoring 2 / 3.

15 December 2018


The one day junior congress held at 3Cs provided plenty of success for the host club against many of the top young players in the Greater Manchester region.


Ben Newton won the "Kings" competition with Akil Balakrishnan and Tim Ye finishing joint third while Zayeem Alam was victorious in the "Knights" section.  The Open event saw a three-way tie at the top - all 3Cs' players - namely Alannah Ashton, Lucas Chan and Hunain Malik.  Ben Newton also gained a prize for correctly answering a series of chess puzzles that were provided during the event


The group photo on the left is of (left to right) Tim Ye, Akil Balakrishnan, Zayeem Alam and Ben Newton while Hunain Malik can be seen on the right.

x Winners
x Hunain

24 February 2018


The Oldham junior chess squad hosted a team named as representing the whole of Manchester in two rapidplay matches although two 3Cs' regulars, Edward and Rebecca Correa, were asked to play for the opposition. Despite missing some of their leading junior players, Oldham still won the first 10-a-side match 6.5-3.5


Oldham had selected just 10 juniors for the event and thus the same players took part in the second match although the visitors, having decided to bring a few reserves with them, perhaps thought they needed fresher minds for match two and fielded several new players therefore resulting in a 7-3 win for them.    Photos from the event are shown below....


24 November 2018


A junior congress took place at Altrincham with 3Cs' Hunain Malik finishing as runner-up in the boys' event, in which Zayeem Alam was also among the prizewinners, while Alannah Ashton achieved second place in the girls' section.

6 October 2018


In October's Manchester Junior Congress 3Cs' Hunain Malik won the Kings section with a 100% record of 5 wins. Alannah Ashton finished 3rd on 4/5, her only defeat being to Hunain in an all-3Cs' clash in round 3, while Ben Newton ended as runner-up in a seperate event for more experienced players.


18 February 2018


3Cs' youngsters impressed at the recent Northern Junior Championships held in Newcastle, the highlight being that of Ethan Gardiner who won the under-11s' title with an unbeaten performance while Rebecca Correa finished in equal 3rd position and was the leading girl at under-10s


Edward Correa, who also came a creditable 5th in the under-9s' tournament, finished as runner-up in the under-8s' competition where Alannah Ashton finished just one place behind him.


Pictured above are Edward and Rebecca with their awards.

17 December 2017


Ethan Gardiner took part in the under-10s' London Junior Championships and finished in joint 8th position (out of 115) with a very creditible score of 5/7.

3 February 2018


3Cs dominated the recent EPSCA under-9s' rapidplay event with Ben Newton winning the title with 5 wins out of 5 while Akil Balakrishnan, Leo Booth and Tim Ye all finished in the top 7 from a total of 36 players.


Edward Correa was another 3Cs' junior to come away as Champion having won the under-8s' competition.


Ellie Amrooni came 4th in the under-10s' event which also featured Joe Holmes while in a strong under-11s' competition Rebecca Correa came joint 3rd with 3Cs also being well represented by Ethan Gardiner, Alicia Custy and Adam Booth.


Pictured below are Ben (left) and Edward (right) with their trophies.

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