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1 May 2023

Liren Ding has become the first Chinese player to become World Chess Champion after defeating Ian Nepomniachtchi who was therefore runner-up for the second consecutive occasion.

The match was decided by a rapidplay tie break after the main competition ended in a 7-7 draw.  Further details can be seen via the following link
25 July 2023

Ju Wenjun has successfully defended her Women's  World Championship against fellow Chinese player Lei Tingei by winning the last game of their 12-match contest.

Tingei won the first game of their encounter before Wenjun was successful in games 5 and 12 to take the World title for the fourth time.   Click the link below for further details...
15 June 2023

Photographs of all the women's World Champions (right) have now been placed in the Match Room at 3Cs' headquarters. Prior to becoming the  2008-2010 champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk, regularly played for 3Cs during their period in the 4NCL 
Women Champs (1).jpg
21 July 2022

Current world champion Magnus Carlsen has announced he will not defend his title in 2023 which means that the championship match scheduled for then will see the top two players in the recent FIDE Challengers event, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Liren Ding competitng for the title.  Click onto the following links for more information .. 
4 July 2022

Ian Nepomniachtchi has won the FIDE Challengers event and has  qualified for the second time to play for the World Championship.  

Details from the event can be found via this link ....

31 December 2022

Magnus Carlsen confirmed his position as the best overall chess player in the world by adding both the World Rapid and World Blitz titles to the Standard Play Championship he has held since 2012.  China's Tan Zhongi won the women's rapid event with Bibisara Assaubayeva of Kazakhstan the women's blitz chanpion.

Details can be found via these links ...  

Magners Carlsberg .. Probably the best chess player in the world

10 December 2021

Defending chess world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway has retained his title with a 7.5 - 3.5 victory Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia and was Carlsen's fourth successful defence of the championship since he first achieved the honour in 2012.

The photograph shows the two players earlier in the year when joining forces at table football and with their efforts able to be seen by going to our "Videos" section (via the drop-down box of our main "Chess Links" page.

28 December 2021

17 year old Nodirbek Abdusattarov of the Ukraine has become the world rapidplay champion while Ian Nepomniachtchi had to once again settle for being runner-up following his defeat to Magnus Carlsen in the main World Championship decider earlier in the month.

In the women's section Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia won the title thus gaining her first world championship.

The links below show a report on the rapidplay event as well as a video of Abdusattarov defeating Carlsen on his way to winning the title.

Nepo Carlsen



On the same day Magnus Carlsen won the 2018 World Championship, two players from 3Cs were also victorious for the club's second team in their Manchester League game against Altrincham - namely Mitchell Burke and Kevin Ye.


Why particularly mention these two players from the team of seven ?


Magnus, Mitchell and Kevin all celebrate their birthday on the same date - 30 November.

30 December 2021

Frenchman Maxime Vachier-Legrave won the world blitz championship while the womens' title went to  Bibisara Assaubayeva of Kazakhstan.

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