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Below are the names of several 3Cs' members - but not as you know them. (Although perhaps some new nicknames might now be heard around the club !)


All the correct names of the anagrams can be found on the 3Cs' website - how many can you identify ?


CARBON MELTER,                 ALIEN DEAL,                          LEZ HAS HOT CURRY,

MY TIE,                                     A HUSHED LLAMA,               THE JENNY LOB

DEAR ROAD CREW,               HOME JANITOR,                    MAINLINE,

JACKDAWS SNORED,            RELAXING READ,                  I SELL LIMO

HATING TENANTS,                 OMIT NORTH,                         NEAR KABUL,

I DRIVE GRANDAD,                JOCK LEANS IN,                    HONDA HARM MOMMA,

HID PLASMA,                         HARLEM JAM LASS,              BALI SEA BAND,

ANT ON A WALL,                   HAUL IN A MINK,                    THE CAMEL BE EVIL,

SAM HAD BABE,                    THONGED PERSON,              GLEN LOANS OX,


HUMBLE TICKLER,                SHANTY TOON,                      HE HELD ALMA,

LANK HAKA IN BRASIL,        DOROTHY ANN,                     OATS AND HAM,

ATTACKS RULER,                  NOT THY RASCALS,              KEEN IVY,

BITSY VERGE,                        MOTOR FOR CLARK,            GP KELLY LINE

CHEAP LUKE,                         SUCH A CLAN,                       NOSH GRANOLAS            

SEALED JAM,                         LAY ME A MAZE.                              


.... and which city is an anagram of "Three Cs" ?



The solutions can be seen in the "Answers" section via the drop-down box of this "Puzzle Board" page.


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The rules remain simple:

Solve as many puzzles as you can in the given amount of time.

Each puzzle gets harder as you go.

Three strikes and you’re out.

A  joint recipient of the 2020 Noble prize for Physics, 89-year-old Sir Roger Penrose is the brother of 10-time British Chess Champion Jonathan Penrose and whose father used to be a composer of chess problems.


Here is one of his problems which was published in an edition of "The Chess Amateur" in 1917 ....


White to move and win by checkmate in two moves

Chess Puzzle
3Cs Wordsearch

To achieve a good result you must always get your pieces in the right order.


Not only good advice at chess but also when doing a jigsaw ... and here you can combine both by completing chess-based jigsaws.


Just click on a desired puzzle and then hold and drag a piece to move it to the required position.


Scroll down for more jigsaws.

There have been 16 chess World Champions (pictured below).  If they were used as the pieces on a chess board who would be your two kings and who the four rooks ?


Top rank  (l to r):

William Steinitz,    Emmanuel Lasker,     Jose Raul Capablanca,   Alexander Alekhine,

Max Euwe,       Mikhail Botvinik,      Vasily Smyslov,        Mikhail Tal.


Bottom rank  (l to r):

Tigran Petrosian,    Boris Spassky,      Bobby Fischer,    Anatoly Karpov,

Garry Kasparov,      Vladimir Kramnik,       Visvanathan Anand,    Magnus Carlsen.


The answer to the problem ?   Whatever you decide !


For more information about these World Champions go to our "Chess History" section via the drop-down box of the "News" page.

World Champions

The British Chess Problem Society is an organisation for those who, although might not excel at actually playing the game of chess, enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to various positional problems which may occur in the process.


The Society's website can be accessed by the following link in which you can then find several such chess problems.

                            CHESS WORDSEARCH


There are 20 chess-related words hidden inside this 3Cs' wordsearch puzzle ... how many can you find ?


No prize ... it's chess for fun.


A list of the words are in the "Answers" section via the drop-down box of this "Puzzle Board" page.


Play as many puzzles as you wish.  Just click on the yellow arrow to go to the next. For more difficult puzzles click on the button at the bottom.