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Dave Monaghan - Player and coach at 3Cs for many years who annually organised the club's Christmas evening.                                          (Click on any photograph on the right to stop the rotation of the images)
     David Monaghan Memorial Trophy Winners

                     2022  -  Edward Jackson
                     2023  -  Adam Ashton
14 December 2023

62 people attended the 2023 3Cs' Christmas evening during which the club once again held its annual blitz competition for the David Monaghan Memorial Trophy in honour of a long-time player and coach with the club and who organised the 3Cs' Christmas night every year.

This year all players, irrespective of age or rating, competed in the same event but with awards also being available for the top under-12 and under-9 players. That also gave an opportunity for some of our younger players to learn from a more experienced opponent should they face each other. 

Adam Ashton won this year's main event and was presented with the trophy by Dave Monaghan's son Karl who is always welcome to attend 3Cs.

The winners of the two junior events received chess clocks while both regularly attend the club's weekly coaching sessions, namely Noah Hicks (under-12s) and Ibrahim Riaz (under-9s).

As usual, the club (and parents) provided plenty of food and drink for those in attendance while photographs from the evening are shown here ...
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The various section winners at 3Cs' annual David Monaghan Memorial Trophy event.

Adam Ashton is shown receiving the main award from David's son, Karl, while Noah Hicks (under-12s) and Ibrahim Riaz (under 9s) receive chess clocks from 3Cs' officials Phil Adams and John Walton.

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Click the following link to download a full list of results from the 2023 tournament ...
22 December 2022

34 players took part in the first "David Monaghan Memorial Christmas Blitz" with Edward Jackson becoming the first winner of the trophy while Abdul Qadeer won the award as  best junior.

Other awards were also given to some "more experienced" entrants, although many were probably more interested in the feast provided for the club's annual Christmas party, which used to be organised each year by Dave Monaghan before he sadly passed away in January 2021.

The photographs show club members at both rest and play during the evening. (Click on any photo for a larger image).

ps:  The pizzas ordered for the event were the same kind enjoyed by Good King Wenceslas on the Feast of Stephen ...
Deep Pan, Crisp and Even !
2022 Monaghan Trophy.jpg
Edward Jackson (left) is pictured receiving his award from 3Cs' head coach Phil Adams as the first winner of the David Monaghan Memorial Trophy after his success in the club blitz competition.

The blitz event is now to become an annual tournament at 3Cs in memory of one of the club's long-serving players and officials who was involved with 3Cs since its early days.
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