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In Memoriam...

                                           DAVID MONAGHAN


                              6 January 1947  -  10 January 2021


It is very sad to report the death on January 10th of Dave Monaghan, aged 74 and who had been a stalwart of the 3Cs' club since its very early years.


Similar to many of those who work behind the scenes at 3Cs, Dave's connection with the club began when his son Karl started playing chess and then took an interest himself in the game.


Not only did Dave enjoy playing but also gained a great deal of satisfaction in taking a very active part in coaching at the club and was the ideal person in explaining the basics of the game to those who were just starting their own chess career - many of whom eventually went on the achieve great success in later years.


One of his proudest moments at the chess board was when the great Russian Grandmaster David Bronstein visited 3Cs in 1989 for a  simultaneous display and Dave achieved a draw against him.


Dave also instigated 3Cs' sponsorship of a young boy's education in Gambia, details of which can be seen on our "Who We Are" page.


Steve Rigby, founder and still main organiser of 3Cs, says it was a honour to know Dave as his friend and that he was always a dignified person who certainly encompassed the 3Cs' ethos of always ensuring the progress of the children came first - and in that respect Dave had always shown a very patient attitude in teaching the game of chess to the many youngsters who had come under his wing at the club.


Although Covid regulations restricted the numbers able to attend Dave's funeral it was good to see 3Cs being well represented at his service.


Should anyone wish to show their respect for Dave for all the years of service he gave to the club then his family have asked for any donations to be made to the Macmillian Cancer Support organisation.

Coaching at 3Cs
20 Dec 18 (16b)
Woody 3Cs
1989 Bronstein (3) - Copy

Top left - Dave coaching some of those new to the game of chess


Top right - Dave organised the annual 3Cs' Christmas party and is shown enjoying the 2018 occasion with club founder Steve Rigby


Bottom left - In action at a 3Cs' club night against Tim Ye while Steve Rigby's dog Woody has made his pet move onto square K9


Bottom right - Dave (third from left) in 1989 after drawing his game against Russian Grandmaster David Bronstein (third from right)


I was saddened to hear of the reported death of Gareth Lewis. To those who were fortunate enough to have known Gareth I'm sure you will feel as I do that the passing of a true character somehow lessens us all. He really was unique and a person who it was a pleasure and delight to spend time with.


In the formative days of Oldham and Gt. Manchester Junior chess, he was the driving force who enthused all of us around him. He made things happen and got things done. He had little time for the bureaucracy and petty politics that blights the chess world. Some of our older 3Cs members will no doubt carry their own memories as they competed in one of his teams. He had the ability to inspire players to play at the very best of their abilities. My own son remembers with great fondness, Gareth's fictional Aberystwyth Dragon opening especially invented by Gareth to trap and ensnare the opposition. It worked too because he made everyone believe in it. Gareth elevated the performance of the junior chess teams of Oldham and Gt. Manchester to heights they have never since been able to replicate.

Gareth B Lewis was a true son of Owain Glyndwr. He loved his rugby, his chess and of course Dylan Thomas. His teams entered the arena for combat with a passion only equalled at the Arms Park. Whatever the sport or game he could generate a team spirit that was tangible and everyone was prepared to give their all.

Gareth had been blessed with the gift of storytelling. It didn't matter about the accuracy or the plausibility he could weave a tale that had you hooked into wanting to believe every word. Such were the spells the man could cast. He personally taught me much as a young and inexperienced headteacher. He took me under his wing and encouraged me constantly throughout those formative years.

He was never a man who you could lay claim to and hold as an inseparable friend as if he was a treasured possession. His whole demeaner was unique and often shrouded by a self created mystery as to his next venture. Life and time allowed us to drift apart as it often does. Yet, with his passing I can only to smile and recall how influential and special he was when I picture him in full flow. It was a pleasure  and unique experience Gareth to have known you.

Hwyl. Canmil diolch!   

Stephen Rigby

Gareth Lewis (1).jpg
Two photographs showing Gareth doing what he enjoyed most (well, equally to watching rugby and reading Dylan Thomas) ... teaching youngsters how to play chess.

Gareth is shown on the extreme right in both photos, one from 1981 and the other in 1985.
Gareth Lewis (2).jpg
Mark Whitehead.jpg
Click the links below for tributes to Mark in various chess publications ...
                                     MARK WHITEHEAD

                         6 August 1966  -  7 January 2023

3Cs chess club is saddened by the death of current Blue Club player Mark Whitehead who has passed away aged just 56.  Mark played many years for the Rochdale club and also after they and Oldham joined together to form Blue Club, while in recent times he was captain and main organiser of Manchester Manticores in the 4NCL.

Mark also regularly played in various chess congresses around the country and his bright personality will certainly be missed by many throughout the entire land, while despite being a worthy opponent over the board against 3Cs - often with a comment of "Oh, no, not another 3Cs' young one coming through to challenge me" - he was always considered to be a friend of the club and was often willing to spend time helping others with their game.

Mark's funeral took place on Thursday 9 February 2023 at Rochdale crematorium where many chess devotees from various clubs were in attendance, including representatives of 3Cs.
Below is a poem read at Mark's funeral
Rest In Peace, Chess Master

by Mark Gregory

Here lies a man who loved the game,
Of knights and bishops, pawns and rooks,
He spent his days in quiet thought,
Wondering which piece should be took.

He played with passion, played with grace,
His mind was sharp, his strategy sound,
He battled on the chessboard’s face,
And never once let his focus drown.

In life, he found his greatest joy
In this game of queens and kings,
Now, as he rests beneath the soil,
We remember all of his wins.

So rest in peace, chess master,
Your love for the game will live on,
Forever etched in the hearts of all
Who knew and loved you for so long.

STANLEY GOODALL     d. 18 January 2022

Everyone connected with the 3Cs' club wish to send their condolences to the family of Stan Goodall who for many years had been a committee member for both the Manchester Chess Federation and the English Chess Federation.  Stan was always a supporter of  3Cs' efforts in promoting chess at junior level and was a great friend to many at the club.

As part of his duties for the national organisation Stan was among the panel who decided the various annual awards issued by the Federation and can be seen in the photograph presenting Steve Rigby with the 2006 ECF "Club of the Year" award won by 3Cs.

The following link shows tributes to Stan published on the English Chess Forum ...

2006 Club of Year (2).JPG
Harry Lamb.jpg
Photograph courtesy of "The Bolton News"
  HARRY LAMB      4 May 1942  -  13 May 2023

The condolences of everyone at 3Cs' are extended to all at Bolton chess club and especially the family of Harry Lamb who died on May 13.

As well as one of Bolton's longest-serving players and officials, Harry was a former President of the Manchester Chess Federation (1973-75) as well as organiser of the annual Manchester congress while his sons still play for the Bolton club.

Further information and tributes can be seen via the following link ...

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