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3Cs in Manchester League Action ...

Photographs of 3Cs' teams playing in the Manchester Chess Federation

Club Jan20 (1)

22 January 2020


3Cs hosted a double-headed event with the 2nd team taking on Stockport 1 in "A" Division while 3Cs 4 faced Eccles 1 in "D" Division.


The photo on the left shows both matches in progress while the right-hand photo ephasises 3Cs' commitment  to give youngsters the chance to test their skills against good quality opposition.


Although the young players appear to hear no evil and speak no evil, they certainly didn't see any evil in their opponents' moves as they gained a 4-1 win.


Top to bottom:

Aisha Benhamida, Ben Newton, Alannah Ashton, Hunain Malik

Club Jan20 (2)

25 September 2019


Pictured (right) are the 3Cs' 6th and 7th teams playing against  each other in the Manchester League's Rapidplay Division.  Each match in the division consists of two games with players facing each other once as white and once as black.

6 v 7 Sep 2019 (2)
6 v 7 Sep 2019 (1)

15 January 2020


A 6.5 - 0.5 win by 3Cs 1 in "A" Division against Blue Club included a win on her Manchester League debut for the club by Women's International Master and six times French Women's Champion Sophie Millet (pictured right).


12 December 2018


Our sixth team travelled away to play Heywood 6 in the Milner Trophy and gave a debut for the club to both Shahed Alam and his 8 year old son Zayeem.


The photo (right) shows Zayeem in action and on his way to an impressive victory.

x Zaheem

20 December 2018


Match of the season ... 3Cs 1  v  3Cs 2 in the Manchester League's A Division.  The 3Cs' first team won the encounter 6.5 - 0.5.


The strength of the club can be judged by the fact that the average grade of the competing players on the night was 178 even though, due to several of the club's higher graded players being unvailable for the match, some of the players taking part could still be eligible to play for the 3Cs' fourth team in the Manchester League.


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