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Famous chess enthusiasts

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Although not known as regular chess enthusiasts, these photographs show King Charles III and Queen Consort, Camilla being given information about the game when on official Royal visits around the country.
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Current racing drivers Charles Leclerc (left) and Pierre Gasly making their manoeuvers at a slower speed than usual.  Would an F1 (over)take be their favourite move ?

                                    "The Prisoner"


The 1960s' television series "The Prisoner" featured many references to chess including one episode which was titled "Checkmate" and featured a human chess game.


Details can be seen via this link ...

While several people have represented their country at different sports, chess Grandmaster Simen Agdestein is somewhat of a rarity within the game having also played international football for Norway on 8 occasions between 1988 and 1989, scoring one goal.

An injury forced his retirement from the team sport thus giving him more time at the chess board ... and not only did he achieve the status of Grandmaster for himself but he also coached another up-and-coming Norwegian chess enthusiast - Magnus Carlsen.

More details of Simen Agdestein can be found via this link

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               Salford Rugby League play chess !!!


Click on the following link to access a report from the BBC Sport Rugby League website about two of their players who are also chess enthusiasts ...



The link below shows a list of actresses who have either played or had a connection with chess ...

Six times World snooker champion Steve Davis helped to write some chess books and is also a former President of the British Chess Federation.

                      Celebrities playing chess


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