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The link below is to a list of quotes relating to chess from people in various walks of life.  Some are well-known chess players although other people - actors, sportsmen, writers, politicians - often refer to the game as a way of expressing their thoughts about a variety of subjects.

The great Danish grandmaster and world championship candidate Bent Larsen wrote:
"If you study modern opening theory you may well conclude that if Black does not want to have to defend carefully during the first part of the game he must give White something: more space, heathier pawn structure, the bishop pair - or simply a pawn!"

... But Larsen also wrote:
"If you are a good defensive player, don't pay anything for the initiative! Your opponent will probably overreach himself if you defend wall for a couple of hours." 
"If you do not check what your opponent is doing, you will end up complaining about bad luck after every game."

Former World Championship challenger, GM Viktor Korchnoi
“It is not bad to move quickly, but it is bad to move hastily.”

GM José Raúl Capablanca, World Chess Champion 1921-7

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Don't play with your heart, play with your brain"
                   3Cs' founder Steve Rigby                       On BBC1's "The One Show"  -   13 October 2023.
“Look wide before you look deep!”

Wise advice on choosing ‘candidate moves’ from the famous Australian IM, author and trainer Cecil Purdy (1906-79)”
"I get the feeling that having certain computer knowledge in specific positions is possibly worse than not having any. Often (also for me, but much more often for my opponents) you get into a position and your opponent makes a move that the computer at home has not specified. You then know that your opponent's move is usually not good, but if it is not immediately clear why it is not good, it can be very difficult or even impossible to find the rebuttal at the board. Weak moves of this kind according to the computer can suddenly get you into big trouble because you obviously cannot use a computer at the board .

Magnus Carlsen (Former World Champion)

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