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12 May 2024

Five 3Cs players entered the Durham Congress with Crystal Ashton (2.5 out of 5) and Alannah Ashton (1.5) in the Open section while Noah Hicks (3), Mo Rohman (2.5) and Sean Hicks (1) competed in the minor tournament.
25 February 2024

3Cs players have recently been competing at various event

Robert Mclean finished equal 15th (out of 118) with a score of 5.5 / 9 at the Cambridge International Open. However, more impressive was that Robert remained unbeaten (2 wins, 7 draws) and that the only players who finished above him all had Masters titles.

Click this link for more details  ...
31 March 2024

3Cs were well represented at the 2024 Bolton Easter Congress with six players in the u-1650 section.

left to right:  Sean Hicks, Noah Hicks, Karl Moorcroft, Claire Kerton,  Becky Kerton,  Mohammed Rohman.
2024 Bolton.jpg
Feb24 Lancaster Raspid.jpg
18 February 2024

Claire Kerton and Mo Rohman both finished on 3/6 and in equal 12th position (out of 33) in the u-1500 section of the Lancaster Rapidplay event.

More details are available via the link below...
10 February 2024

Becky Kerton finished fourth (out of 108) in the Standard section of the Blackpool Congress with 4 out of 5 but only after losing her last round game against the eventual winner of the event while other 3Cs' players in that section were Mo Rohman (3), Noah Hicks (2.5), Claire Kerton (2) and Sean Hicks (2).

In the Open section, Adam Ashton scored 3.5/5 to finish fifth while Daughter Alannah ended with the same points and the same position in the Major section in which Hunain Malik finished on 2/5 while Jade Drummond scored 3/5 in the Intermediate section. 
16 February 2024
3Cs' Ibrahim Riaz and Kyle Pelling both won their relevant sections at the Swinton Handicap for which opponents had different time allowances dependant on ratings.

Kyle gained his first open section win with 5.5 points out of 6 while Ibrahim scored 3.5 for his success.
Feb2024 Swinton.jpg
28 January 2024

Several 3Cs' young players were among the prize winners at the 2024 Stockport rapidplay event.

Alannah Ashton, Suleiman Nisar, Ben Newton, Hunain Malik and Claire Kerton all picked up awards while the individual performance of the day came from Mo Rohman who, in the last round of the Intermediate section, defeated the top seed who was almost 300 rating points above him.

The photo shown left is Suleiman Nisar (in grey top) being presented with his rating prize, while right is Ben Newton who won the Best Junior award.
Newton, Ben Stockport Jan24.jpg
thumbnail_3Cs Swinton blitz Jan 2024.jpg
19 January 2024

3Cs' players at the January 2024 Swinton blitz competition (l to r)
Charlie Locke, Mo Rohman, Kyle Pelling, Hafsa Riaz, Ibrahim Riaz
2 Dec 2023

3Cs' International Master Andy Horton finished runner-up in the UK Blitz Championships, scoring 10.5/15 and just one point behind the winner, a Ukraine Grandmaster, therefore making Andy the 2023 English Blitz Champion.  More details via the link below ...
1 December 2023

Kyle Pelling and Mo Rohman along with brother and sister Ibrahim and Hafa Riaz played in the Swinton's monthly blitz event for December with Kyle and Mo both scoring 4 out of 6.
3 Dec 2023

Alannah Ashton was runner-up (out of 59 entrants) in the Knights section of the Bolton Rapidplay, finishing unbeaten on 5.5/6 and having defeated Mo Rohman in an all-3Cs' second round match.  Mo himself finished 8th with a creditable 4/6 while other 3Cs' players in that section were sisters Claire and Becky Kerton who scored 3.5 and 2 respectively.

The Open section saw Adam Ashton in 4th position (out of 22), scoring 4/6 while Kyle Pelling, despite being next to bottom seed, ended 12th with 2pts.

Click on the links below to find more details of their matches.
3 November 2023

Four 3Cs' players took part in the Swinton blitz tournament with Mo Rohman along with brother and sister Ibrahim and Hafsa Riaz being in the under-1500 section while Kyle Pelling played in the Open competition, in which he finished on 4.5 points out of 7.

Our entrants in the under-1500 event provided a symmetrical look to the final scoreboard as all THREE of the THREE Cs' players ended with THREE points - and which was even more relevant being that the competition was played on the THIRD of November !!!

Our players (right) and are (l to r) Ibrahim Riaz, Hafsa Riaz, Mo Rohman and Kyle Pelling.
2023 Nov 3 Swinton .jpg
Kyle Pelling.jpg
        KYLE PELLING              Pictured playing for England in the 2023 Glorney Cup.
Neil Jackson.jpg
              NEIL JACKSON
Winner of the Minor section at the 2023 Manchester congress
28 August 2023

3Cs were represented at both the Northumbria and Leyland congresses, the first of which began on Thursday with Kyle Pelling in the Challengers section and Alannah Ashton in the Major. Two other players with 3Cs' connections were also in the Challengers section .. Ran Song, who played for us in the Manchester League a few years ago and Chris Izod, now in the North-East but who is in our "Where are you now" page when visting 3Cs earlier this year.

The 2023 Leyland Congress featured Edward Jackson (Open) and sisters Becky and Claire Kerton (Minor). Details of our 3Cs' players can be seen via the links below
29 May 2023

Adam Ashton and Edward Jackson both ended on 4/7 in the English Championships at Warwick as did Sarah Longson in the women's event.
20 May 2023

3Cs' players Hunain Malik, Rebecca Correa and Edward Correa all won their individual games (Edward in just 20 moves) as Gt.Manchester u-1650s gained an 8-2 success over Middlesex in their County Championship quarter-final.
22 April 2023

Edward Jackson (pictured right) represented England in Greece at the under-17s' section of the World Schools' Championships finishing in equal 9th position (out of 35) while gaining 27 FIDE rating points and ending as the top-ranked English player at the event.

Further details are available via the following link ...
9 July 2023

Claire Kerton achieved a maximum 6 out of 6 in winning the Minor section of the Ashton Rapidplay. Further details of Claire's success can be seen vis the link below
16 April 2023

Crystal Ashton and daughter Alannah as well as Kyle Pelling played in the Menorca International event with Crystal and Kyle in the Open section (Group A) and Alannah in the under2000 tournament (Group B). 

The photographs below show Alannah and Kyle in Menorca. Put your cursor on the arrows to see more or click on any individual photo for a large image

Crystal and Kyle both finished on 3.5/9 in the Open section (Group A) while Alannah's ended on 5.5/9 in the under-2000 (Group B) competition and was runner-up in the ladies' classification.

Details of the tournament can be seen via the following links ...
16 April 2023

Adam Ashton finished the British Rapidplay Championships on 7.5/11 and in equal 8th position (out of 118 entrants) while Alan Walton scored 6/11.  More details via the link below ...
9 April 2023

Despite starting as 23rd seed (out of 46) Becky Kerton finished equal 3rd with a total of 4.5/6 in the Minor section of the Bolton congress while her sister Claire (30th seed) scored 3/6 in equal 18th position.
More details can be seen via the following link ...  
31 March 2023

The latest Swinton rapidplay tournament included 4 entrants from 3Cs, with Kyle Pelling finishing on 3.5/7 in the open section while Hafsa and Ibrahim Riaz as well as with Abdul Qadeer all took part in the under-1000 competition, scoring 4, 3 and 2.5 respectively.
26 February 2023

Becky Kerton was joint winner in the intermediate section of the Leyland Rapidplay with a score of 5 out of 6 despite having having been ranked in 18th position out of the 26 entrants. Becky's only defeat was to the other joint-winner of the competition.
Click this link for details ...
13 January 2023

Ibrahim Riaz scored 3 out of 6 while sister Hafsa ended on 1.5 in the Swinton rapidplay 
15 January 2023

Kyle Pelling finished equal third (out of 45) in the under-1900 section of the Hull rapidplay event, scoring 4.5/6.  Further details can be seen via the following link 
12 February 2023

Several 3Cs' players were at the seaside this weekend taking part in the Blackpool chess congress - which is annually the largest regional competition in the country.

Adam Ashton and Kyle Pelling were in the Open event with Alannah Ashton competing in the Major (u-2050) section.

Jade Drummond competed in the Intermediate (u-1850) tournament while sisters Becky and Claire Kerton were both among the entries for the Standard (u-1550) section and Hunain Malik in the Minor (u-1700)

The final scores of the 3Cs' players (out of 5 rounds) are as follows ...
Open                 Adam Ashton 3.5,   Kyle Pelling 2.5
Major                Alannah Ashton 2
Intermediate   Jade Drummond 3
Standard          Claire Kerton 3.5,  Becky Kerton 2.5
Minor                Hunain Malik 3
30 December 2022

Adam Ashton along with daughter Alannah took part in the annual Hastings congress between Christmas the the New Year. Details of how they fared can be seen via the following links ...
27 December 2022

Kyle Pelling, Jade Drummond and Ibrahim Riaz represented 3Cs at the Swinton Academy Christmas Rapidplay in which Kyle scored 5 out of 6 and finished runner-up in the u-1850 section, during which he faced Jade in an all-3Cs encounter, while Ibrahim took part in the u-1450 tournament.

The photos will rotate to show all the 3Cs' players in action during the event while clicking on any photo will show a larger image.

4 December 2022

Three 3Cs' players took part in the Bolton Rapidplay.  Kyle Pelling finished in =5th position (out of 35) in the Major (u-1950) event with a score of 4/6 and having played all those who were in the top 4 places,  while sisters Becky and Claire Kerton competed in the Knights (u-1650) tournament, ending on 2.5 and 1.5 respectively.

3 December 2022


3Cs' Jonathan Miller maintained a somewhat unique personal record when drawing his individual game for Greater Manchester in their under-1850 fixture away to Yorkshire.  Despite Yorkshire winning the match 8-4, Jonathan continued his run of not having lost in a County game since playing in his first over 40 years ago.

2022. Nov 26 Gt.M County.jpg
26 November 2022

Proving that 3Cs is a very close-knit club; pictured are four of our players next to each other while playing for the Greater Manchester u-1450 team in the County Championship versus Yorkshire.
Left to right - Abdul Qadeer,  Hasan Adnan,  Hafsa Riaz,  Vic Pelling.
13 November 2022

3Cs were well represented at the Greater Manchester junior trials for both the under-11s and under-9s teams.

Alannah Ashton finished joint top of the 30-player older section with a score of 4.5 out of 5, while other young club members taking part were Ivan Elisseev-Siuda, Maeve Martiniere, Aaron Lewis and Seb Kearns.

29 players were in the under-9s' event including 3Cs' Charlie Barnes, Ibrahim Riaz, Tom Kearns and sisters Savannah and Vanessa Ashton.
30 October 2022

Adam Ashton and Sarah Longson both finished unbeaten on 4/5 and in equal 3rd position (out of 71) in the Open section of the Scarborough congress while Edward Jackson scored 2 out of 5.  Alannah Ashton competed in the Major section, scoring 3/5 and finishing in equal 9th position (out of 41).
29 August 2022

Sisters Becky and Claire Kerton took part in the Leyland congress for which details can be seen via this link ...
30 August 2022

Having defeated 5 players who were more than 350 FIDE rating points above him, including a Grandmaster, 3Cs' Edward Jackson finished the Northumberland Masters tournament with a score of 5.5/9 and in 12th position, despite having started the event ranked 54th out of 67.  In doing so Ed gained a massive 194 ranking points and by far the best increase by anyone at the tournament.

More details are available via the following links ...
11 November 2022

Five 3Cs' players competed in the Swinton & Worsley Blitz competition as shown in the photograph.

Back (l to r) Kyle Pelling, Mohammed Rohman, Hafsa Riaz
Front (l to r) Abdul Qadeer, Ibrahim Riaz

In the six round event, Kyle finished with 4 points while the others scored as follows .. Abdul(3), Mohammed (2), Hafsa (2), Ibrahim (1.5) 
2022 Nov 11 Switon (1).jpg
18 Sep 2022

Not only did Crystal, Kyle and Mitchell all finish on the same score at the Ilkley congress, it appears they were just as close to each other while playing their matches ... as can be seen by the photo in which Mitchell is shown stood up in the green shirt, while Kyle is top right in black and Crystal middle right in red.
18 Sep 2022

3Cs were well represented at the Ilkley Congress which began with a Open section "local derby" in which Adam Ashton drew with Kyle Pelling.  Adam went on the finish on 3 points in equal 10th position (out of 45) while Kyle, along with Mitchell Burke and Crystal Ashton all ended on 2.5 points and equal 16th.  Alannah Ashton also scored 2.5 points in the Major section and was equal 24th out of 54 players.
2022 Ilkley (2).jpg
5 June 2022

Ahmed Abbas, who went to live in Cumbria a couple of years ago, celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by entering his first event since then - the South Lakes Congress - and won the minor section !

It was nice to see that Ahmed still registered himself as a 3Cs' player as he will always be welcomed at the club if ever he is in the area.

3Cs were also successful in some of the other sections, with mother and daughter Crystal (open) and Alannah Ashton (major) winning their respective grading prizes.
Warrington 22.jpg
2 July 2022

Rebecca Correa won the Warrington Junior Congress, finishing unbeaten on 4.5/5.  Ivan Elisseev-Siuda, also in the Open section, scored 1 point, while Hafsa Riaz and her brother Ibrahim gained 3.5 and 3 points respectively in the Knights section.  The Pawns section saw Aaron Lewis and Abdul Qadeer both scoring 3 points and Maeve Martiniere ending on 2.5.

Pictured are (left to right) Abdul Qadeer, Aaron Lewis, Hafsa Riaz, Ibrahim Riaz, Rebecca Correa, and Maeve Martiniere.  (IvanElisseev-Siuda also played in the competition)
13 March 2022

Hunain Malik (pictured below) won the Standard section of the 2022 Blackpool congress outright after gaining four wins and a draw to finish unbeaten on 4.5/5.

Crystal Ashton finished on 3.5/5 in the Open section; the same score being achieved by her daughter Alannah in the Intermediate event while Paul Keech, also in the Intermediate section, ended on 2.5
8 May 2022

Crystal Ashton and daughter Alannah played in the Durham congress with Crystal finishing on 2/5 in the Open section while Alannah scored 3/5 in the Major section as well as receiving a trophy as the player who gained the most ECF rating points in the entire congress.
22 May 2022

Adam Ashton scored 4.5/7 in the English Open Championship, finishing in equal 4th position (out of 33 entrants) and only behind 2 Grandmasters and 2 International Masters.
Malik, Hunain 2022 (2).jpg
27 February 2022

Adam Ashton played in a 9-round all-play-all event at Ilkley specifically for players such as Adam, currently a FIDE Master, aiming to achieve International Master status. Adam drew all 9 of his matches, including three against current IMs, and thus finished with a score of 4.5.  He was also one of only two players to end the tournament unbeaten.
12 March 2022

A draw by 3Cs' Daniel Abbas helped Oxford to a 4.5 - 3.5 win in the 140th annual Varsity match against Cambridge.
However, Cambridge still have a 60-58 overall lead (with 22 draws) since the event began in 1873  Details of the 2022 fixture, including Daniel's game, can be seen via the following link ...
20 February 2022

Kyle Pelling entered the open section of the Nottingham rapidplay where despite being rated 27th of of the 31 entrants he scored 2/5 with a win and two draw all against higher-rated opponents.
27 February 2022

Nathan Gittens (pictured right) scored 2.5/5 in the open section of the Doncaster Congress.

Although now based in Stevenage, Nathan is another product of the 3Cs' junior system and always visits the club on his journeys back north as well as playing for 3Cs in online competitions.
     (Photograph courtesy of Brendan O'Gorman)
Nathan Gittens.jpg

Reports of 3Cs' players in competition, both home and abroad.

3Cs on tour ...

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